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How do I completely remove Norton AntiVirus?

Are you looking to uninstall your Norton Antivirus? If yes, then it is essential to go through the below-mentioned steps carefully. It becomes mandatory as Norton Security online will no longer remain available with the Xfinity internet. We get to see the how-to uninstall Norton on different devices. It is mandatory to look at the uninstallation procedure on other devices.

Let us see the ways of uninstalling Norton security online on different devices:

As we know that Norton Antivirus is available on different devices, and it is essential to look out for the uninstalling procedure on the other device. In the below-mentioned steps, we get to see the Norton Antivirus uninstalling process on various devices;

Uninstalling the Norton Security online/Norton security suite for pc:

If you are facing that how to uninstall Norton on Windows 10, then you can go through the below-mentioned detailed steps for proceeding in the process. Read the instructions:

  1. In the first step, users are required to click the control panel.

  2. In this step, you have to select the Programs.

  3. Tap on the “Programs & Features”

  4. Now go to the list of currently installed programs. You get to see the Norton antivirus and tap the “Uninstall” & “Remove” options.

  5. In this step, if the user account control appears, then tap “yes.”

  6. After completing the fifth step, you must follow the on-screen instructions to perform the uninstalling preference.

  7. Now, the Norton uninstaller will run & complete.

  8. Finally, restart your computer.

Uninstalling the Norton Security online for Mac:

Are you looking to uninstall Norton antivirus on Mac? Then go through the below-mentioned steps carefully:

  1. Firstly go to the application folder and tap the “Norton Security” two times.

  2. Now you have to move to the menu bar, which is just next to the Apple icon. Click the option of “Norton Security “ and then uninstall Norton security.

  3. In the confirmation window of Uninstall Norton security, click the option of “Uninstall”.

  4. Finally, tap your Administrator name and password and tap on Install helper.

  5. The uninstaller will automatically run & complete and click the option of “Restart now”.

Take a look at Uninstalling Norton mobile security:

There are mainly two devices which we cover in the below-mentioned steps. In the below-mentioned steps, we get to see the uninstalling procedure of Norton mobile security;

Android device;

  1. In the first step, users are required to move at settings, apps or notifications.

  2. Now you get to see the list of apps in which you can select “Norton Mobile Security.”

  3. Tap the option of “Uninstall”.

  4. After completion of the third step, tap the option of “OK” to confirm the procedure.

Apple Device:

  1. Go to the Home screen tap the “Norton Mobile” icon till it shakes.

  2. In the top left of the corner, users must click the “X” option for deleting it.

  3. Finally, click the option of “Delete” to confirm.

As we see in the steps mentioned above, that is how to uninstall Norton antivirus. If you are dealing with further queries, then you can contact customer service.

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