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Taking a screenshot can be very effective as it makes your work easier and can be helpful often. This option is available on every mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or computer device. If you do not know how to screenshot on Mac, just press the buttons shift + command and 3. To take a screenshot of a part of your screen, press the shift + command, and 4, move the crosshair to choose the portion you want to capture.

What is the easiest way to copy a screenshot on a Mac?

The easiest way to copy a screenshot on a Mac is to press the control key together with Command + Shift + 3, and then the screenshot of the full screen will be copied to the clipboard. You can crop the screenshot and paste it into the email or any other application. To change the shortcut for screenshots, you can change the keyboard settings from the system settings.

Where are the screenshot settings on Mac?

If you cannot take a screenshot on your Mac or want to make any shortcut changes, you can easily do it through the screenshot settings. To get to the screenshot settings on your Mac, follow the given instructions:

  • Go to the Apple menu on your Mac.
  • Click on the "System settings option.
  • Then, tap on the Keyboard settings and choose the keyboard shortcuts.
  • Open the "Screenshot" option, and you can make the preferred changes to the settings.

How do you paste a screenshot on a Mac into an email?

If you are using a Mac and want to paste the screenshot on email, then it is not a complicated process as you can capture the screen and share it directly using the email, or you can copy it and then paste it on the email. To learn about the process of sending a screenshot, you can go through the given steps:

  • Click and hold shift + Command + Control + 4 key.
  • You can crop the part of the screen you want to capture.
  • Copy the screenshot and press the Control + V to paste it.

Why is my screenshot not pasting on Mac?

There could be several reasons you are having the issue of pasting the screenshot on Mac. Below are mentioned a few reasons and the ways to solve it:

  • Screenshot not copied - You might not have copied the screenshot properly. You can try to copy it again or use the mouse pad.
  • Pressing the wrong key - One of the main reasons you cannot paste a screenshot is that you are pressing the wrong key. Check the screenshot settings to know about the correct keys.
  • The keyboard is damaged - The keyboard or the key to paste the screenshot is damaged. You can check all the keys or paste them using the other options.

How can I use the snipping tool on a Mac?

To use the snipping tool on a Mac, you have to press the key shift + command + 4 at the same time. After that, the snipping tool will open, and you can drag the crosshair to choose the portion of your screen. Then, you can also edit or share the selected screenshot.

Why can't you take a screenshot on your Mac?

If you cannot take a screenshot on your Mac, you first have to check if all the keys are working properly. Following are some of the basic reasons why you can't take the screenshot:

  • The keyboard shortcut settings might be different.
  • It is taking the screenshot but saving it to another location.
  • There is no storage space in your Mac.

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