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If you find any difficulty while login in through the Roku account, you can remove the payment option from your account by following the below-mentioned procedure, which includes steps that are easy to apply without any expertise. Once you remove the payment details from the Roku device, you will get the prompt to update your payment information.

  • Open the website of Roku on your computer or smartphone.
  • After that, sign in with your account with your login credential.
  • Now move under the payment method and click on update.
  • Drop down the page and click on the remove payment method option.
  • At last, select the remove button.

Why does Roku keep charging my card?

  • If you are getting a deduction at your billing amount, then you must have subscribed to a paid or premium subscription plan,
  • Or, in some cases, if someone gets access to your Roku player and has signed up for a channel, then you may find an automatic deduction in your Roku subscription plan. 

How can I remove my credit card details from Roku?

If you are facing an automatic transaction from your account towards Roku, you must check the payment settings. There might be automatic payment settings that deduct money monthly from your bank, leading to excess expenditure from your budget. With the help of an official site, you can remove payment details digitally without any hassle. You have to log in through your valid account and terminate the details.

Can Roku be used without a subscription?

You can watch free channels without paying fees on Roku, but there are some paid services such as Netflix, cable services like slim TV, and tv show rentals from apple TV services.

Bottom Line:

Hence, by going through the above methods, you can get your answer to a query on how to stop Roku from charging the card. You can also contact a customer service executive via toll-free number 408-556-9391, available 24 hours and seven days for further assistance.

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