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Voicemail on iPhone is a feature that allows callers to leave recorded messages when a user cannot answer a call. Voicemails can be accessed by tapping the "Voicemail" tab in the Phone app, where you can listen to, delete, or save voicemails.

How do I permanently save a voicemail from my iPhone?

If you like to save a voicemail from your iPhone permanently, then you have to adhere to the given steps:

  • Open the Phone App on your iPhone,
  • Select the Voicemail option there,
  • A list of voicemail messages will appear on your screen that has sent to you,
  • Select the voicemail message you like to save permanently,
  • Click the Share button,
  • Choose the option where you want to share or save the voicemail message,
  • Allow it to transfer the message to your selected location.

Where do voicemails save to on iPhone?

The voicemails save to an iPhone on the Voice Memo app if you use the early iOS 12 version. On the iOS 12 version, the voicemails are saved on the server itself.

Can you archive voicemails on iPhone?

Yes, voicemails can be archived on iPhone. You need to go to the location where your voicemail has stored, then select the voicemail and choose the Archive option.

Do voicemails get saved to iCloud?

No, the voicemails do not get automatically saved to iCloud. You need to back up the voicemail to your iCloud with these provided steps:

  • Go to the Phone Apps on your iPhone,
  • Search for the Voicemail tab,
  • Select your desired voicemail on the appeared list,
  • Choose the Export option there,
  • Select the iCloud option on the popped-up window,
  • Then your selected voicemail will be saved to your iCloud.

Why won't my iPhone let me save a voicemail?

In some cases of technical errors, the iPhone won't let you save the voicemails. In this case, you can try resetting your network settings. Below are the reset steps:

  • Go to your iPhone's settings,
  • Select the General option,
  • Then navigate the Reset option,
  • Click the Reset button and then click "Reset Network Settings."
  • After the network resetting, you can save the voicemails in your desired locations.


Suppose you are an iPhone user who frequently receives voicemails and likes to save the messages permanently but needs to learn how to save voicemails on your iPhone. In that case, the earlier-mentioned procedure can solve your issue.

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