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With so many internet services and platforms establishing themselves in the consumer market, the current scenario of internet-based entertainment resources has proclaimed a monopoly over a vast market share, and no one would complain about it.

Services like Netflix have extended even above the age-old television networks, and it doesn't seem to stop here. Still, so many internet accounts come with their unique sign-in credentials, and it's indeed a challenging task to memorize them. If one has forgotten their Netflix credentials and needs a Netflix Password Reset, read on the upcoming details to know how to do so.

How to reset your Netflix Password via Email?

One can use the Netflix website or the Netflix app to reset their password in the following manner:

  • Open the Netflix website or application and get on the sign-in page of the Netflix account.
  • Select the Forgot password option. Next, enter the email address linked with your Netflix account.
  • Click on the email address option to verify your log-in and select the email address for Netflix.
  • Netflix will send you an email containing a log-in link to the mentioned email address.
  • Click on this link, and the browser will take you to a password reset page.
  • One can skip the password reset if they desire and sign in to start using Netflix.

Reset your Netflix Password via text Message

You can try to reset your Netflix password by getting the verification code on your mobile phone if you choose to get the code sent as a text message on your phone instead of going with the email verification. Netflix will send you a verification code on your phone as a text, and one can enter this code on the Netflix sign-in portal to successfully reset the password and start using the Netflix account.

One can use Netflix customer support to get assistance on the password reset and start using the account.

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