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PayPal is an enormous platform helping all its customers to use financial services online through its hassle-free approach. This company was born in 1988 and snowballed due to its online payment modal. It allows everyone to enjoy the security of their account and prevent others from using anyone else’ account. However, some enter into others account and use that to perform some financial transactions. It has a system in which a user can report any suspicious charge or unknown transaction through its account to PayPal. You should notify it within 60 days of getting information about any suspicious activity on your official account.

Prevent a user from the unauthorized PayPal transaction

  • Notify PayPal within two months, and a user will not be accused of the suspicious transaction.
  • Inspect all transactions properly to ensure that what you are reporting should not be your transaction.
  • Update your account recovery options regularly to keep every recovery detail updated, including the recovery phone number or email ID.
  • Complete the task to modify the current password frequently, so it becomes impossible for anyone else to access your account.
  • Report the issue through its resolution center if your PayPal transaction does not involve a PayPal debit card.
  • If it involves a PayPal debit card, log into your official PayPal account to visit the account overview section to reach the transaction and fax it as written confirmation.
  • Do not save your precious data on the checkout page for faster transactions, as hackers may use it for any fraud.

How to report an unauthorized transaction on a PayPal account?

When any user comes across the presence of any unauthorized transaction on PayPal, they should report them immediately and without making any significant delay. Now, comes a challenging part that how to report the unauthorized transactions on PayPal. You can perform it using the official steps explained below:

  • Visit the official website of PayPal through any internet browser and access its resolution center.
  • Now, you should reach there by logging into your account with the use of valid login details.
  • You need to click on the Report a problem option and choose the transaction you wish to report here.
  • Select the Continue button and decide I want to report unauthorized activity to report any issue.
  • After this, fill in the mandatory details and submit your request to the officials of PayPal.
  • On the other hand, You can directly call the customer service of PayPal and inform them to resolve unauthorized transactions.

What is the next step after reporting any unauthorized transaction?

Once you have filed an unauthorized transaction dispute with PayPal support, it will investigate your transaction. The excellent part is that it will provide all details to you and decide whether your claim is true or not. After completing the investigation and drafting of the result, it will notify you via email with a period of 10 days. In case, you do not receive any information within the time as mentioned earlier, connect with its support immediately.

Bottom Line

You can obtain details regarding the unauthorized transaction that is a significant measure to adopt. You can get extra information through its official customer service team by connecting them via phone or sending a fax to them. The PayPal unauthorized transaction is a situation of great concern, and a user should take immediate and appropriate steps to report the issue to the officials of PayPal.

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