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How do I recover deleted outlook emails?

If you happen to delete your outlook email by mistake, you need not worry. There is a way through which you can recover the same. As soon as you reach the page, it would show you the process as to how you can retrieve the deleted outlook email.

When you coincidentally delete an email message from your Outlook email, you can recover those items if they are still in your Deleted Items or Junk email folder. In some cases, you can even recover deleted outlook emails items after the Deleted Items folder is empty.

However, here are some of the important worth mentioning-

  • Email gets automatically deleted from your Deleted folder after the completion of thirty days.
  • Removable items from your Deleted Items folder are recoverable for thirty days.
  • Email is deleted automatically after ten days from the Junk folder.
  • If you do not view the deleted messages you want to recover, they are probably permanently removed from the Deleted Items folder. You are recommended not to use either of these folders to store your messages. You can do so through a proxy if you want to keep your emails in folders other than your Inbox.

It is not possible to recover messages deleted from your children's accounts. Outlook deletes all the emails that parents removed from their children's accounts.

  • Outlook emails require you to log in to your email account once a year minimum so that it does not get inactive, and Outlook does not have to take the unnecessary step of closing down your email account. It is mandatory for you to at least sign in to your account once in two years to keep your Microsoft account and its associated accounts active. If you do not do so, the outlook team would assume it is inactive and close it.

In case you are wondering where do recovered items go? then

  1. Messages go to the Inbox respectively,
  2. You can find your contacts in the Contacts Folder.
  3. Tasks are available in the Tasks folder.
  4. Calendar items go to your calendar.

How you can restore your Outlook email?

Here is how you can restore permanently deleted emails outlook. Microsoft does not provide backup options, except if you subscribe to the Enterprise license; however, it provides you two options to recover deleted emails. And the second step is the Recoverable Items folder for those who cleared up their Deleted items folder or deleted emails more than thirty days ago. In such cases, Microsoft gives you one more way to restore.

Sometimes what happens is Auto-Archiving is the default for all corporate users of Outlook. If you did not know this function is available, you might have missed the moment when all your older emails redirect to the Archive folder. Therefore, consider them deleted.

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