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How do I reactivate my Comcast Account?

If you are not able to use the Comcast account or showing an error whenever you are trying to log in, then you need to reactivate the account. Before you learn about the process to reactivate it, you should know about the possible reasons behind it

  • It mentions that if you don’t use the account for a longer period, it will automatically deactivate. It is suggested that the user should open this account at least once in a twelve-month
  • Once it is deactivated, then it will automatically delete all the messages in it. 
  • If you are using the wrong password again and again, then you can face some issues like a deactivated account or “account not found.” 

These could be the possible reasons behind not working or being able to log in to the account. Now, below you can read about the steps to recover it. It is quite easy, and you can do this without taking assistance from a third party. 

  • First of all, you must have remembered the ID and the user name of Comcast. 
  • Though the account is deleted by Comcast, you have to perform the recovery with the Xfinity connect webmail. 
  • With Xfinity connect webmail, Here you have to log into the email account.
  • When you provide the information, then you can see the page where you have to mention the password. 
  • If you have remembered the password, you can enter it or click on the recovery password. Here you will get the different methods to recover it; you can select the phone number or security question to do recovery. 
  • Enter the submit option, and you can see some code on the screen that should match the code sent on the registered phone number. 
  • Once you log in, the account will reactivate, and you can access it with the new password if you have changed during the password recovery. 

So you can see how to reactivate Comcast email and how easy it is to perform. But, here, you have to remember that after the reactivation process, you may not be able to see the previous messages. There is no way to recover it as, along with the account, the information gets deleted too. 

How much is Comcast's reactivation fee?

There can be different reasons behind the turn off the services. However, it may happen that there is some glitch from the side of the company too. But, if you have done for some reason but later you want to reactivate Comcast account again, then you have to bear some changes. Though for canceling the Comcast services, there is no such fee; when you need the same account to operate, then the company may charge $6 per account. It may vary from person to person as to which type of services they are accessing. For someone who is leveraging the premium may have to pay less as compared to the normal one. You can ask the price by calling the customer support person of Comcast, and they provide this service 24 by 7. 

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