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How to reset your AOL password if you've forgotten your password

AOL has various measures of resetting and gaining access to a lost account. Sometimes, anyone can forget their password, mistakenly not remember some characters, and find themselves stuck in a troubling situation. If you are going through a similar worrisome situation and you cannot get out of it, and the only thing that comes to your mind is, how can you go through the procedure of aol password reset. If you want to resolve this query, keep reading through the following.

How do I reset my AOL mail password?

If you have an AOL account and you do not remember its password anymore, and you want to access your AOL account, so you can instantly reset your AOL account password with the help of the below-mentioned ways;

Reset AOL Password without Phone Number-

You can reset your AOL account password without your phone number;

  • With the help of the browser that you use, visit the official login page of AOL.
  • In the username section, write down the ID you remember and click on ‘Forgot Password.’
  • It will take you to the official recovery page of AOL.
  • Check with your browser whether you have login credentials saved to log in with the help of the password manager of your browser.
  • If your password isn’t saved, you can opt for ‘Recovery Email Address’ and select that.
  • It will then send an official verification email to your registered email address.
  • Visit your recovery email and click on the ‘Password Reset Link.’
  • You can then reset your AOL account password.
  • A prompt will be showcased if you wish to log out from all the past devices.
  • After setting a new password, you can open a new web page and log in again.

Thus, the procedure of AOL password reset without a phone number can be done with the help of the points mentioned above.

Reset AOL Password without Email and Phone Number-

You can reset your AOL account password without your recovery email account and phone number via below mentioned ways;

  • On the Password Recovery page of AOL, click on ‘Additional Methods.’
  • It will then take you to the Additional Security page of AOL.
  • You can select the method of ‘Answering Security Questions’ to reset your account password.
  • It will then display a set of questions that you set at the time of creating your account.
  • Answer all the questions correctly to proceed with your account.
  • After you answer all the questions correctly, you’ll be asked about your date of birth and your account creation date.
  • After that, you can reset your AOL account password effectively.

How to get support by Phone for password reset by AOL?

  • If you wish to connect with an Aol support representative dial their phone number +1-800-827-6364, then go through the below-mentioned points to get a resolution;
  • The service provided by AOL that is known as Account Pro, will help you make a phone call to the support team of AOL.
  • The support representatives from the Account Pro by Aol team are available 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about the time to make a phone call to their support number.
  • You can call the number you received on the confirmation email you received when you created your AOL account.
  • Once you call up the number, a live representative from the support team of AOL will connect you to provide the required resolution.
  • Thus, you can get through with the procedure of AOL account recovery with the help of following the points mentioned above.

How to change AOL Password on iPhone?

If you wish to change your AOL account password on your iPhone, then the following points will help you with the process effectively;

  • On your iPhone, open the official AOL application or go to the login page of AOL.
  • Enter the login credentials of your account and sign in.
  • Once you enter your account, go to the account settings option and click on ‘Change your Password.’
  • Enter your old login password and set a new account password.
  • Login again with your new password and will be through.

Thus, you can change AOL password on your iPhone with the help of following the points mentioned above effortlessly for your benefit and convenience.

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