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An upgrade in windows from the old version, like 10 to windows 11, can keep your device to the higher version. Sometimes an error shows while upgrading to the higher performance for various reasons. But some steps you can do on your own can fix this issue. Therefore once you read further, you will get the different fixes that you can perform to solve the update problem:

Major causes the windows to update failing error:

To fix the problem, you can first know some common causes of this error which is given below:

1. Lack of driver space:

Once you tap on the update and it stops, it means your windows don't have enough space for more updates. Therefore you can clear some space on the windows to install the new update.

2. Several updates queued:

One of the primary causes is that various updates are already in the queue, which stops the windows update or slows down. When their windows have more than one update, then this failure occurs.

3. Corrupt files entered:

Usually, you don't know what virus or corrupted files entered on your windows. In that case, they stop you from updating the windows to the latest version. 

4. Extra hardware issue:

Sometimes, you have plugged in the external storage devices, docs, drivers, and other unnecessary hardware. This will give an error to you while updating the windows to the new version.

How do I fix the windows 10 update error?

Once you understand the significant or common causes of this problem, you can quickly fix the problem through some steps that are provided below:

1. Reboot the computer or PC:

When you get this error, you need to reboot the device and wait for a few minutes to open it. Then you need to re-run the windows update of your device and fix the problem. Rebooting the device will solve various issues.

2. Free up some driver space:

To do the windows 10 update, you need to free up some space for your driver. Lack of space can stop the windows update. You need to clear all the data that is no longer required for you. 

3. Use the troubleshooter tool of the windows:

Once you run the troubleshooter tool, they will detect the problem of an update on your windows. For this, you can do the below simple steps:

  • You need to open the taskbar of your device and go to troubleshoot settings.
  • At there, you need to tap on additional troubleshooters and go to windows update.
  • Then, it would help if you tapped on to run the troubleshooter, and with this, your problem will be detected.

4. Remove any third-party security software:

You need to re-install all the programs related to the software and remove all the unnecessary software associated with the third party.

If your problem is not fixed, you can contact your device's customer support. They will solve the windows 10 update error and help you get the latest update version for your windows to perform the functions smoothly.

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