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How Do I Fix My Quickbooks has Stopped Working or Responding?

Performing an important accounting task related to your business through Quickbooks on your computer and suddenly it has stopped working? If yes, then you are not a single person confronting issues with Quickbooks because there are thousands of users in the world who confront issues when their Quickbooks stops working and show some unwanted kind of error. There could be too many possible reasons behind the Quickbooks not working issue and you should fix it asap in order to complete your important task. You can fix the not working issue of Quickbooks very easily with the help of simple troubleshooting.

Why is My Quickbooks not Working?

If your Quickbooks has suddenly stopped working, then it might be caused due to varied reasons and some of them are given below:

  • Due to the older OS of your computer.
  • The long name of the company file.
  • Due to corrupted hard drive.
  • Availability of virus or malware.
  • Due to damaged program files.
  • Improper installation of Quickbooks.

Quick Solutions to Resolve Quickbooks is not Working or Responding Properly

Solution 1: Download and install the QBRefresher tool

  • You can easily fix the Quickbooks issues with the help of the QBRefresher tool that you can do through the below steps:
  • First of all, close any running program including Quickbooks on your computer.
  • Now you can visit the official Quickbooks website and then download the Quickbooks Refresher tool.
  • Now you can wait until the downloads completely and then click on the Run tab.
  • After that, the QBRefresher tool will diagnose the problem automatically and you can also get the solutions to resolve this issue.

Solution 2: Download and install Quickbooks Tool Hub

  • With the help of Quickbooks Tool Hub, you can very easily resolve all sorts of problems come while using Quickbooks. For this, you should follow the below steps:
  • Close the Quickbooks if running on your computer.
  • Now you have to download the Quickbooks Tool Hub and then wait while the downloading complete.
  • Now you need to install this program by following the on-screen instructions.
  • After that, open the Quickbook Tool Hub and then click on the Program Problems section.
  • Now click on Quick fix my problem and then your problem will begin to resolve by this software.
  • You can also choose the other problem or troubleshooting from the left side pane section in the Quickbooks Tool Hub.

Solution 3: Update your computer OS

Sometimes multiple issues also come when you use an older or outdated OS of your computer and you should ensure that you are using the latest OS which is highly required to use Quickbooks in a quick way or without facing any issue. You can update your OS to the latest version and then check whether the problem is resolved or not.

With the help of the above-described steps, Quickbooks not working issue can be resolved in a very short span of time and in a simple way. But in case you are still confronting this issue or you need any additional assistance, then you may contact the customer service team of Quickbooks.

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