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You can access the Xfinity stream on the Xfinity Wi-Fi of your home using the app on your device, tablet, laptop, or computer anytime and anywhere. Sometimes, you face an error 00101 on your Xfinity router, and it stops working; in that case, you fix this issue on your own by doing some steps. You can read further and grab the detailed information.

What does error TV app 00101 mean on Xfinity?

The error TV app 00101 on Xfinity means that you are not connected to the in-home network. You can also face any activation problem as you have more than two Xfinity account. There may be a chance of an outdated subscription which you need to renew to fix the error.

How to fix the error TV app 00101 on Xfinity?

To fix this error 00101 on Xfinity, you need to do the below steps and fix your problem on your own.

You need to check that you are connected to your home Wi-Fi network. For that, you need to exit the Xfinity app and restart the app to get back the access.

  • If you are using more than two accounts of Xfinity, in that case, you need to link all the accounts so that you can manage all the accounts at one Xfinity ID.
  • There may be the problem of an outdated app, so you need to update the app and fix the error TV app 0010 on your device.
  • As technical glitches may be there, you need to reboot the in-home router to solve the technical glitches. 

If you still face the error after performing the above steps, you can contact the Xfinity customer service team and speak with their customer representative. All the ways to speak with the representative are available at the Xfinity support page, which you can choose to connect with the support team.

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