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How do I fix Aol Error 5(ERR12 and ERR18000)? 

BLERK! AOL Error 5 occurs when there is a loading problem with your AOL Mail that causes a temporary issue.

Causes of AOL error 5:

Basically, AOL mail usually presents an AOL Blerk Error 5 after the AOL details have been entered that is your username and password. This error is usually found in words or ‘Blerk! Error 5 Authentication problem, Your sign-in has been received’.

Reasons for the error are as follows-

  1. Internet browser configuration issue
  2. Saved erroneous bookmarks addresses
  3. Browser cache or cookie
  4. An AOL Desktop Gold technical error

This type of error is majorly due to browser settings or the use of outdated or obsolete software. Users should keep in mind that the steps to solve problems may vary, contingent on the browser one is using.

How do I fix AOL Error 5?

Simple ways to troubleshoot AOL Error Code 5.

  1. Restart Your Web Browser
  2. Clear your Browser's cache and history log

Here are steps to fix the mistake, check your browser and follow the steps-

  • Internet Explorer: Use the most recent web browser version. The user has to open a new window and follow the "Tools> Web Options> Security> Internet Zone" thread. Activate 'Safeguard Mode' and follow the steps to include AOL Mail in the list of assured websites. Then start the browser again to save changes and run Internet Explorer without adding any further information.
  • Firefox Mozilla: Open a new window and press Menu. To start the browser in safe mode, disable the add-on and choose the option to restart the browser. You can see two options in the dialog box. Use the "Start in Safe Mode" option to disable all themes and extensions. The browser also turns off the hardware speed and resets the toolbar. One should be able to execute AOL mail when this happens.
  • Google Chrome: update to the latest version of Chrome. Open the browser and go to the Advanced Options section. Go to 'Security and Privacy' and close the appropriate add-ons. Once the browsing history is deleted, the password, cookies saved and the cache will be cleared. Restart your system and try to log in to your AOL account with a new window.
  • Safari: Some pop-up windows block AOL mail when it comes to Safari and causes authentication issues. To fix the error, use Safari Security Preferences to enable the pop-up window and disable the security warning.

AOL Error 5 is resolvable, you can easily fix this error, and if you still facing this trouble get in with the AOL support team for assistance.

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