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AirDrop is the quickest way to transfer files, videos, and photos between Apple devices. Sometimes due to technical issues, the AirDrop is not working. You can fix the AirDrop by following the instructions as per described below:

  • On the home screen of your Apple device, you will see the settings option. Tap on that.
  • Click on the General option.
  • Choose the AirDrop.
  • Now, select from the Receiving Off, Contacts Only, and Everyone for 10 minutes per your requirement.

Why is my AirDrop not working on my iPhone? 

There are various reasons why your AirDrop is not working on the iPhone. The issues due to which AirDrop is not working are given below:

  • Make sure that your wifi and Bluetooth are on.
  • Your Apple devices should be fully updated.
  • You must unlock your iPhone.
  • You can restart your device.

How do I recover a failed AirDrop?

You can recover a failed AirDrop by following the steps listed below:

  • Open the setting on your Apple devices.
  • Click on the Display and Setting.
  • Scroll down, and you will see Auto-Lock. Select that.
  • Set the time as per your need.
  • You can also restart your Apple Device.

How can I enable AirDrop on my Mac?

You can read the information if your airdrop is not working on Mac. To enable AirDrop on your Mac, you must obey the instructions given below:

  • Right-click on the home screen of your Mac.
  • In the Apple Menu Bar, tap on the Go option.
  • Please select the option Allow me to be discovered by.
  • Choose the device on which you want to send files.

Why is AirDrop not showing nearby devices?

Sometimes AirDrop is not showing nearby devices due to various problems such as Bluetooth and wifi not being on or Apple devices not being updated. You can fix the issue by following the steps given below:

  • Go to the settings option.
  • Tap on the option General.
  • Click on the AirDrop.
  • Select between the options Contacts Only and Everyone as per your preferences.

Do you need wifi for AirDrop? 

To share files, photos, or videos between Apple devices, ensure your wifi is on. Without wifi, you cannot share the files.


You can use the ways mentioned above to fix AirDrop not working. If you still have queries, you can contact the Apple customer support agent, and they will help you by solving your questions.

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