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A Quick Guide To  How to Change Roku PIN With Easy Steps

Roku has always been amazing for providing great online streaming services to its users. However, there are times when users face issues wither Roku pins that are always prone to visibility or leak to unwanted individuals. However, these PIN have nothing to do with parental controls on the Roku device. Hence, if you also have been using the Roku device and wish to change its PIN then here’s what you need to do.

Quick Steps To Change Your Roku Pin Number

  • Head over to the Roku’s official login webpage in your web browser and then your login credentials
  • Now, navigate to the Account dropdown menu and then to the My Account tab
  • Next, scroll to the Pin preference tab and then hit the Update button
  • Type in the current PIN of your Roku account or you can create one with the help of on-screen instructions
  • Or use the edit option to enter a new four-digit PIN in the respective field and then verify it
  • Choose your PIN preferences and then hit the Save Changes button to save the updates
  • Furthermore, if you have any further questions or doubts about the aforementioned steps on how to change Roku pin then contact the tech support experts to get any help on the same.

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