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If you have subscribed to Webroot membership and now want to cancel it for some reason, then here you will get a hassle-free guide to cancel your Webroot subscription. Follow the below-given steps to cancel it;

  • Use the website Webroot.
  • Go to the subscription page of your account.
  • Switch off the auto-renewal and withdraw the particular service.
  • Now, Fill up the refund request form. 
  • Mention your invoice number for payments done and the total dollars written in the invoice so you can get the refunds.
  • Submit the form and get the refunds in the required time.

Webroot antivirus subscription Cancellation Policy

Webroot is one of the leading American antivirus platforms which helps millions of users to protect their devices, you can use it for personal and professional uses, and it offers you complete device protection. You will then be able to gather certain privileges of this software. Although there are some sorts of subscriptions available for a free trial basis and in case you want Webroot to cancel the subscription as it isn’t appropriate for your uses, then you must cancel it online; you should also take a glance at the cancellation terms and conditions because then you will be able to get through quite conveniently or you can consult such query direct from Webroot assistant.

Various sets of points for Webroot cancellation policy:

  1. For the Webroot month-to-month subscription, until or unless you cancel, it will run and auto-renewed for your chosen plan will continue. 
  2. Note that simply deleting the Webroot Wi-Fi security application while you have the subscription cannot end your chosen subscription Webroot.
  3. Another point is the cancellation of the subscription is applicable/effective only after the end of your current subscription.
  4. If you buy 12 months of Webroot subscription, then it will not get canceled unless you cancel it or turn-off auto-renew 
  5. Suppose you bought Webroot Wi-Fi security service from a third-party marketplace. Then the cancellation policy will be effective only when you connect with a third-party marketplace. 
  6. Webroot will not refund the payments made for a month to a month subscription.
  7. Lastly, you should cancel your subscription a few days before the renewal date to avoid automatic renewal charges due to processing delays.

How Do I Stop my Webroot subscription on an Android device?

Here are the steps to cancel your Webroot subscription from your Android device. Go through the instructions below;

  • Go to the website of Webroot from the Android device’s browser -
  • Log in to your Webroot account and hang on to the homepage.
  • From the left menu, tap “subscriptions” and click “Options” under the Manage column.
  • It would help if you switched off the auto-renewal option so it would not charge you again.
  • To do this, enter your key code in the boxes. 
  • It would be better to remember that you cannot make payments for Webroot from the Google Play store.

Steps to Cancel Webroot subscription on Windows or Mac Computer:

  • Use your browser to visit the official website of Webroot.
  • Place your username and password in the boxes to log in to your Webroot account.
  • Observe the “subscriptions” icon on the left of the homepage, and click on it.
  • Please select the service you like to modify and turn off its auto-renewal option.
  • Then confirm the cancellation and do not pay further.
  • After crossing the last payment date, your service will be withdrawn automatically.

Can I Cancel my Webroot Subscription on my iPhone or iPad?

Yes, you can cancel the Webroot subscription on your iPhone or Ipad. But you should remember that the Apple play store is not involved in making any changes to your Webroot account and services. See the steps if you have iPhone or iPad:-

  • Use the web link of Webroot and reach its web portal.
  • Log in to your active webroot account and land on the homepage.
  • Check the “subscription” option from the menu options on the left side.
  • Pick any one service and tap on the “auto renewal” option to discontinue it.
  • It will help you not to deduct the amount automatically next time.
  • Continue to cancel the service and do not pay the amount when the ongoing service ends.

Can I Cancel my Webroot subscription over the Phone?

You may get through the customer service option to cancel your webroot subscription. There are two simple ways to make it possible:-


  • Dial 1 866 612 4268.
  • Follow the call’s instructions from IVR and connect with the concerned person from the webroot team.
  • Ask the person to cancel your subscription and raise a refund request.


  • Go to your email service and compose a new mail.
  • Mention the email address - in the receiver column.
  • Draft the mail for the cancellation of your subscription and also request to get a refund.
  • Kindly attach the invoices for the payments made earlier.
  • Also, write the dollar amount in figures and numbers to share clear information.
  • After thoroughly reviewing your email, Webroot will cancel your service and let you know about the refunds.

Can I get a refund on the Webroot subscription?

Yes, you can get a refund from a webroot subscription. For that, you have to follow the cancelation process, and after the form is filled out on the website of Webroot, you can get your refund within 36 hours of cancelation.

How do I cancel Webroot auto-renewal Best Buy?

To cancel your webroot auto-renewal from best buy, you need to call best buy at 1-888-237-8289 and get to know.

How do I check my Webroot subscription?

To check your webroot subscription, you only need to log in. Then go through the steps which are provided below. 

  • On Webroot's website, sign in to your account. 
  • Now select the gear icon. 
  • Click my subscription option. 

Does Webroot renew automatically? 

Yes, Webroot automatically renews the ongoing subscription if you have already linked your bank account or debit /credit card with the Webroot account. The users obtain this facility to save their precious time in maintaining the notes for monthly or yearly subscriptions. You can activate or deactivate it online from your account.  

Is Webroot a yearly subscription?

Yes, Webroot has yearly subscription options and monthly services for users. It can not be presumed that the customer will only opt for the yearly subscriptions; they may also purchase the monthly service to get the service experience.


Webroot services are available for anyone who needs them. And if you face any problem or do not know how to cancel your Webroot subscription, you can walk through the above information to get a detailed guide on it and also can contact the customer service team for further help.

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