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If you want to cancel the QuickBooks subscription here, you will get the method of canceling the subscription in detail. So, tracking down the steps for canceling QuickBooks Online is required, depending on where you subscribed to your account. Moreover, If you subscribed through an app store on mobile, you must visit the app store to cancel your subscription. To know how do I cancel my QuickBooks subscription, Follow the steps that are based on where you purchased the subscription to QuickBooks Online subscription.

  • Log into QuickBooks Online as an administrator user.
  • Select Settings, then Account and Settings.
  • Visit Billing & Subscription. 
  • (If you do not find your Billing & subscription tab, you probably purchased QuickBooks via a mobile app store. Follow the steps for the device you're using below.)
  • Within the QuickBooks section, choose Cancel subscriptions and Cancel online. If you're canceling the trial, click Cancel trial.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

How Can I contact QuickBook for subscription Cancellation?

You can cancel your subscription by calling QuickBooks customer support. You have to call their official customer support number and request to cancel the subscription, and the live person will cancel your subscription. And it's a notification that will be delivered after cancellation. Here are the steps by which you can quickly contact the live agent of QuickBooks Customer support. So, that is, 

  • To access Your QuickBooks Desktop account, click the Help menu at the top.
  • Select the QuickBooks Desktop Help menu and choose QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  • Please provide us with information regarding this issue by using the box for searching.
  • Select the Contact Us link at the end of the window.
  • You'll be presented with several options for support.

What happens if I cancel my Quick Books subscription?

  • If I cancel the QuickBooks subscription, your data can't be deleted from the account. You will read it promptly and if you want to read it, resubscribe it, and you will see its full details on your screen. 

  • Moreover, if you cancel your subscription during the trial period, your data will only be accessible for one year.

Is there a fee to cancel the QuickBooks subscription?

No, there is no fee to cancel QuickBooks Subscription. Users can cancel their subscriptions anytime. However, the refund depends upon the type of customer's plan.

Can I withdraw QuickBooks and get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel QuickBooks and get a refund. It has a 60 days refund guarantee. So, if you cancel within 60 days of your sign-in, you will receive a refund on the same card used for payment.

How long do Quickbook refunds take?

Quickbooks generally takes seven to ten business days to credit a refund in a customer's account. If QuickBooks settles the last customer transaction by 3:00 PM each day, it only refunds to the customer's card on that day.

Can I still use QuickBooks desktop if I cancel my subscription?

After cancellation, QuickBooks can't give you access to the Quick Books desktop, but your company file data is saved in your account. So, if you want to see your data file again, you have to reactivate your account per the terms and conditions of QuickBooks.

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