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Frontier Communications is undoubtedly the most extensive fiber Internet, Phone, and TV Service Provider in the United States. They provide easy Connections and cancellations to their users. If you want to request Frontier internet cancellation, you can conveniently call their customer service numbers, as cancellation is possible only through calling. You can schedule a cancellation in the manner described below.

  • Dial the number at 1-855-981-4544/1-866-786-6693, or you can schedule a call at your preferred time using their call scheduler.
  • Now, you will be asked to select a language you prefer for communication.
  • After selecting the language, follow the IVR commands to choose the Internet Service Cancellation option by pressing the appropriate key.
  • A dedicated representative will answer your call shortly, and you have to verify your ownership by providing the necessary account information.
  • Once the verification is done, specify a date to end the services.
  • They will inform you about the cancellation charges and the billing amount and drop you an email confirming it.
  • At last, you can request a UPS prepaid label to return your equipment, and the process is complete.

Does Frontier Internet have cancellation fees? 

Frontier Communications charges a cancellation fee, but they have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee period. If you cancel the Services within 30 days of purchase, you are debarred from paying any cancellation charges. If you do it afterward, then you are required to pay the following:

  1. USD 9.99 as a cancellation charge.
  2. USD 400 is the maximum early termination Fee.

Can I cancel Frontier Internet anytime? 

Users can cancel their Frontier Internet anytime by calling customer service at 1-855-981-4544. It is to be noted that cancellation is not possible through their website. The only option to do so is by calling them.

How do you return Frontier equipment? 

You can quickly return Frontier Equipment by visiting the nearest UPS store and carrying it without boxes and labels. You are only required to replicate the steps below.

  • Firstly, Visit the nearest authorized UPS store with the equipment you need to return.
  • Show them the QR code you have requested while placing the cancellation request.
  • The representative at the store will scan the QR code for verification, provide you with a receipt, and ship the equipment back.

Does Frontier Internet have a contract?

No, Frontier Internet requires no mandatory contract to use the services. Users can easily request and cancel a service at their own will. However, they have contractual plans for 1-2 years if any user wants to purchase it.

How much is Frontier Broadband's unreturned equipment fee?

After processing a cancellation request at Frontier Communications, you must return the Broadband equipment by visiting the nearest UPS store. You must return the equipment to avoid being charged USD 150 for every unreturned equipment.

Is it hard to cancel Frontier Internet?

Yes, It is stricter, as the cancellation is possible only by calling the Frontier customer service team, and returning the equipment is also a hassle as they don't have any pickup options.


Hence, the abovementioned ways can help you learn about the Frontier Internet cancellation option and process. If you require further help, call 1-855-981-4544 to resolve your issue.

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