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The process is straightforward if you need to cancel your EarthLink internet service. First, you'll want to gather all the necessary information, such as your account number, billing information, and other relevant details. Then, you can contact EarthLink's customer service team at 1 (888) 327-8454 to initiate the cancellation process. Explain that you wish to cancel your service and provide any required information to verify your identity and account ownership. EarthLink may also ask you to return any equipment or devices you've leased or rented from them, so follow their instructions regarding the return process.

How do I return my EarthLink modem?

You will get the instructions for returning the modem and packaging along with the shipping label on your Email address. You can use the provided label and follow the rest of the commands. And you should keep in mind that you need to return the modem within 30 days of cancelation. 

Can I keep my email address if I cancel EarthLink?

You can keep your two Email addresses even after canceling the subscription; for that, you need to pay a prepaid balance of $5.95. Only then you are allowed to keep the Email addresses on.

What is the EarthLink cancellation policy?

Earthlink's simple cancellation policy states that if you cancel your 12 months subscription in the initial months, Earthlink is bound to charge you a fee. 

How much is EarthLink's early termination fee?

EarthLink typically operates on an annual contract basis, meaning you may be subject to an early cancellation fee if you choose to terminate your service before the contract period ends. While online resources commonly cite a $200 termination fee, it's important to note that the actual amount may differ based on your contract's specific terms and conditions. Therefore, review your contract carefully or contact EarthLink directly to determine the exact cancellation fee amount that may apply if you decide to end your service early.


In conclusion, while canceling your EarthLink internet service may require coordination and communication with Earthlink customer service, it should be easy to follow the appropriate steps and provide the necessary information. For more related information, you can visit the Earthlink website. You will get to know more information there to clear up all your confusion.

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