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If you are trying to create Cox Email on your iPhones and are unable to do so, then you can go through the below steps to get a guide on the same;

  • Primarily, you are advised to go to your “Settings” section on your iPhone to begin the process.
  • Then you must locate the “Mail” section in the settings and tap on “Mail.” to continue with the process. (you can also search “Mail” from the search bar located at the top once you are in Settings.)
  • Then, tap on “Accounts.” located there.
  • Then you will see a list of different service providers, and you are advised to tap on the “Other” option available there.
  • Then, you have to “Add Mail Account” under the Mail section.
  • Then you are advised to mention your Name, Email Address of Cox, Password, and description and press Next.
  • There will be two different IMAP addresses that you may have to detail:
  • Incoming Mail Server-
  • Outgoing Mail Server-
  • Go back to your Mail, and look for a Cox account, and you will have all the emails of the Cox Account.

How to Update Cox Email to iOS Device? 

If you want to update your Cox Email to an iOS device, and looking for steps to do so, then below are the steps that will help you in updating Cox Email to an IOS device:

  • Visit the “Settings” on your iPhone and locate and tap on “Mail.”
  • Once you click, you have to tap on “Accounts.”
  • Then, you have to go to the “Cox Email” account.
  • Then you are advised to click on your Email at the top.
  • Then, press “Advanced” (you will find it at the bottom of your Account’s page.).
  • Under Incoming Mail Server:
  • USE SSL should be enabled.
  • In the Server Port field, Update either POP (delete 110 and enter 995) or IMAP (Delete 143 and mention 993.).
  • Under Outgoing Mail Server:
  • Tap SMTP and then click on
  • Make sure to enable “Use SSL.”
  • In the Server Port field, you are advised to delete 25 and mention 465. 
  • And then press “Done.” (this will be available on the Account screen.).

Is cox email POP or IMAP?

To connect your Email from your mobile or any device, so you can access sending emails to different recipients, Cox provides IMAP access to your Cox Account.

What is the server for cox email?

Below is a detailed discussion about the two different servers that Cox Email has, and you will have a brief idea:

  • Incoming Mail Server- For this, you have “,” and the port is 993.
  • Outgoing Mail Server- For this, you have “,” and the port is 465.


These are the multiple ways and steps that will have answers to all your questions. For example, update your Cox email, what server is there for Cox Email, and How do I add my Cox email to my iPhone? So, it is recommended to go through the points mentioned above.

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