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Starlink is an internet service provider that offers services through the power supply, wifi router, base, and cables. It has provided the best services to users worldwide and at economical prices. The users who have paid for the Starlink services need help operating it. Then, they might wonder: How to activate Starlink. The process to activate is not at all complicated. You can also contact the customer support team for any issues and grievances. The process to activate Starlink Internet is mentioned here below:

  • The first step is to plug in the router. The procedure for searching for satellites and dishes will power up. 
  • The self align option for the dish will open up. 
  • The user is not required to aim or move the dish. 
  • The dish mast must be near its vertical so that there will not be any of the instructions. 
  • Starlink will automatically find its signals and satellites. 
  • The user's problem will get resolved, and they can operate it easily.

How long does it take Starlink to activate?  

The user might also be curious about the time it takes to get activated. One must know the Starlink setup instructions and other related details properly. The information for the Starlink activation timings is given below:

  • It will take around 5 to 20 minutes to get activated and to connect with the satellites. 
  • A few thighs that can put hurdles in the boot-up could be better internet connectivity and time spent in the optimal dish orientation.

How do I check my Starlink signal?

The users can check their Starlink signal easily. The steps for checking the Starlink signal are given here below:

  • Go to the opening page of the app. 
  • Then you need to push the speed icon to test the speed. 
  • To get the finalized results of the signal, it will take around 1 to 2 minutes. 
  • When the user checks the signal, it will be easier; but understanding the results will be trickier.

How many devices can the Starlink router handle?  

Starlink can handle up to 200 devices through Clubwifi's network technology. The network can be increased up to 8000 devices on public networks. The number of devices will not increase considerably and will be within the paid limit price.

How do I set up Starlink without the app?

The process for setting up Starlink is the most modest and simplest. It will get almost completed if you start using the Starlink app. The app can be operated and is available on Android and IOS devices. Users can also set up Starlink without using the app and use the direct link on their computers or laptops.


If there are any additional queries, one can connect with the customer support team of Starlink. The agent will get connected to provide a quick response. Multiple contact methods include phone calls, live chat, contact forms, etc. The agent will provide a personalized response. For any further queries, try visiting Starlink's nearby customer support center.

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