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FaceTime may fail to activate due to several reasons. Firstly, it could be a connectivity issue. A poor or unstable internet connection can prevent FaceTime from activating, as it heavily relies on a stable network connection. Additionally, incorrect device date and time settings may lead to activation problems. FaceTime requires accurate date and time information to function correctly. Another possible reason is an outdated version of iOS or macOS. If the operating system is not current, it can create compatibility issues with FaceTime. Furthermore, a restriction or block on FaceTime by the network provider or system administrator can prevent activation. 

How do I activate FaceTime by phone number? 

Follow the steps below to activate Facetime by phone number: 

  • First, you need to open your iPhone setting. 
  • After that, choose Facetime.
  • Turn on the Facetime. 
  • Next, ensure under the "FaceTime can reach you" section phone number option is selected. 
  • If you have provided your Apple email id and not your phone number, you can click on add a phone number. 
  • Wait for a moment to activate. 
  • At last, exit settings and open your Facetime application. 
  • Click on New FaceTime, select the contact, and start an audio or video call.

How does FaceTime work with WIFI? 

Open the setting app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac Book computer. The method has been the same for many versions of IOS and iPhone models, and thus it will be the same as any recent iPhone and IOS version. 

  • Go to the setting application on your iPhone.
  • Next, choose the cellular option. 
  • After that, turn on the cellular data for Facetime. 
  • If you disable cellular data for the Facetime application, you can neither make nor receive video calls via wifi.

How to activate Facetime on iPhone? 

To use Facetime, you must first activate it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. To active Facetime, you can use your phone number or Apple email id. When activating, you can see the following errors:

  1. Waiting for activation.
  2. Activation was unsuccessful.
  3. Cannot sign in, please connect with a network connection.
  4. An error occurred.

Check your Device Setting.

  • Connect with the cellular data of the Wifi network. 
  • IPhone users need SMS messaging to activate their phone number with Facetime. You may be charged for this SMS. 
  • Ensure your time zone is set correctly. To check, open settings and click on general. 
  • After that choose the date & time.

Restart or Turn off Facetime

  • Go to Settings and turn off FaceTime and once again turn it on. 
  • Restart your iPhone or iPad.

How do I access FaceTime settings? 

To access the Facetime setting, you must open Facetime and click on settings. After that, use the setting pane. With the help of the setting option, you can set up receiving and making phone calls and make general changes like allowing live photos and ringtones.

How do I reset my FaceTime settings?

To reset the Facetime setting, go to the Facetime application and turn Facetime off, and next, switch off your iPhone. Again open your iPhone and turn the Facetime on.

What happens if you turn off FaceTime settings? 

If you turn off the Facetime setting, you will not receive or send video or audio calls. To turn off Facetime, go to your phone setting and turn off the toggle next to it.

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