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A Brief Guide To Uninstall Application In Mac

We all have downloaded applications on our devices that we thought would be useful at times, however, there are times when we wish to get them uninstalled from our device. But if you are new to iOS devices, you might get confused with the uninstallation process on your device, and may also face storage issues in it. Besides, Mac also offers a couple of ways to uninstall or delete an app from the iOS device. Hence, read further to know about how to uninstall the app on mac.

How To Uninstall App In Mac? Different Methods

Deleting an app on an iOS device is quite easy. One can do this by using the Launchpad or the Finder application. Here’s how.

Via Using Launchpad

  • The Launchpad is one of the most convenient ways to delete an application from the device that has been downloaded from the App Store. Here’s how you can use it to uninstall or delete the application.
  • In your iOS device, open the Launchpad app, then head over to the Dock icon and click on it. Or you can also open the Launchpad from the Application folder. Alternatively, you can also use the trackpad gestures to open the Launchpad app.
  • However, if you don’t find the Launchpad app, then you can search it by its name in the search field at the top of the screen, or swipe to the right/left via using your two fingers on your trackpad checkout the next or previous page.
  • Next, you’ll need to press and hold the Option key, or you can also click & hold any application until it starts jiggling.
  • Finally hit the Next button that is available next to the application that you wish to delete or uninstall, and then select Delete to confirm the uninstallation.

Via using the Finder App

In the event, if you are wondering how to uninstall an app in mac that is not downloaded from the App Store or are required by the Mac, then you can use the Finder app. However, if you delete any such app, then the deletion or uninstallation won’t cancel the subscription that you may have purchased with that particular app. Hence, read further to know about how to cancel the subscriptions for applications that you may have got from the App Store.

  • At first, locate the Finder option, then find the app that using it that you wish to uninstall. Besides, most of the applications can be found in the Application folder. You can also click on the Applications icon on the sidebar. Or you could also use the Spotlight to find the application.
  • After you have found the app, drag it to the Trash, or you can also select the app, then select File.
  • Select the Move to Trash option, then enter the username and password for further verification, and then select Finder followed by clicking on the Empty Trash option.

Moreover, if you need any further assistance on how to uninstall app in mac, then kindly contact the experts at Apple and get relevant help within no time.

Why Can’t I Delete Apps On My Mac?

Sometimes user installs an application that has no use, and to make the system to run smoothly, it is important to delete them. But, sometimes user could not able to delete it. There could be several reasons, like:

  • An application that you want to uninstall is open or working in the background 
  • The system is not update
  • Technical glitch or system may run slowly and inefficiently

These could be the common reasons that do not let apps uninstall or delete. 

How Do I Delete An App That Won’t Close On My Mac?

Sometimes deleting the application is difficult if it is won’t close on your Mac. If you are facing issues and you are not able to delete it and looking for how to delete app on mac, then direct the below-mentioned steps.

  • Here press the three keys together, option, command, and escape 
  • Now, you can see the apple menu where a different option will be present 
  • Next, choose the quit option that is present in the upper left extreme corner 
  • Now, select the application click on it 
  • Force quit option will appear, select it and move to the next step 
  • Confirm the request and then it will force quit 

In this way, you can force quit the application. Now, for deleting the application follow the below-shown steps. 

  • Open Finder in your Mac 
  • Drag the application you want to delete on it. Or, you can search for the application on the search bar  
  • Now mention the administrator password and ID 
  • Click on the application and click on the “Delete” option
  • Now, you can delete the application with force to stop the application. 

Why Do Mac Apps Stay Open?

It happens quite often when the Mac apps stay open even after closing the application. There are different reasons, like:

  • Some malware activities 
  • New software install 
  • Insufficient data storage or small bug issues 
  • The outdated system or not update on a regular basis 

The above mentioned are the common issues. There may be some hardware issues too that can be managed only when the person contacts the support team. You can connect with the live person and get real-time assistance. 

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