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How do I talk to a real person at best buy?

Best buy is one of the famous and biggest cu=consumer electronics retailers in the world. They sell both products and services through three primary channels, retail stores, online, and call centers. Due to vast access to the services, most customers often ask how do I get a human at best buy to solve their issues. They always provide the best product and services to their customers in every situation. They offer unique technology of tech expertise and human support to meet customers' everyday needs. You can get in touch with the support team through various modes like call, chat, email, or social media. To know more about the support modes, you can go through the below steps. 

Ways to contact best buy customer service:

Following are some of the ways you can choose to get the human at best buy anytime:

1. Get a human at best buy via phone:

The primary and the most important way to reach the customer support team is the phone call option. If you need to talk to a real person at best buy, you need to dial the 888-237-8289 number and follow the below-automated voice:

  • Press 1 to check the status of your order.
  • Press 2 for best buy rewards-related information.
  • Press 3 For tech support.
  • Press 4 to repair the product purchase with best buy.
  • Press 5 to know about the protection plan.
  • Press 6 for best buy credit cards details.
  • Press 7 to know about the nearby store of best buy.
  • Press 8 if none of the above options suits you and get more options.

2. Best buy live chat support:

If you think that your problem is not solved through call, you can take the assistance of best buy customer support chat anytime. 

You need to do the below steps to start a chat with a live person and get a quick answer.

  • Open the best buy official page and go to the contact section.
  • Click on the live chat option and enter your queries over there.
  • You will receive a solution to your query from the live person.

3. Social media support:

You can also share your problem or feedback over the social media handles of best buy.

  • For the best buy Facebook page, you can follow
  • For the best buy Twitter page, you can go to
  • For best buy Instagram page, you can follow


Q.1 Does best buy have 24-hour customer service?

Best buy live agents are 24 hours and seven days a week available to help and assist you over call, chat, email or social media. They will fix your issue as soon as possible online over the phone or in-store by bringing your product to the best buy store or in-home as they set up products at home.

Q.2 what is the 800 number for best buy Geek squad?

If you are stuck in a situation and need a geek squad agent, you can share your problems by dialling 1-800-433-5778 at any time as customer support are 24/7 available.

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