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How do I Configure optimum email in Outlook?

As we all are well-versed in the features provided by Microsoft Outlook. It facilitates smoother connectivity and much more. Generally, it supports the POP3 & IMAP Protocols, which enables the software to connect with any email account. It also includes the accounts that Optimum Online provisions. Users can configure Outlook in sending & receiving messages. The optimum online address helps in managing the business email.

Let us see how to set up Optimum email in Outlook:

If you are looking for "How to Configure Optimum email in Outlook,” it is mandatory to go through the below-mentioned pointers. Users are required to go through these pointers carefully:

  1. In the first step, users are required to open Microsoft outlook.

  2. Now, as you get to your Microsoft Outlook account, Tap on the "File" menu and simultaneously select the "Add Account" option. 

  3. After completing the second step, users are required to select the option of "Manually configure server settings or the option of additional server types,” After performing, tap the option of "Next.”

  4. As you get complete with the third step, you are required to select the option of "Internet Email,” and after doing this, tap the option of "Next.”

  5. After completing the fourth step, you get to see the heading of "User Information.” You have to click the header, and you get to enter into this section.

  6. After entering this section, users must enter their login credentials "Username & Password) in the provided fields. Ensure that the details should be correct.

  7. Now scroll down the menu and select the option of "POP3" from the section of "Account Type.”

  8. After completing the seventh step, users must enter the same server name in both the "incoming mail server" and "Outgoing mail server". Let us take the example if the mail ends as "", then use the name "". 

  9. Now you get to see the "Username Field" go to it and enter your username in the given space.

  10. In this step, enter your Optimum password in the provided space. If you want Outlook to perform the function, you can also check for the "Remember Password" box.

  11. After completing these pointers mentioned above, Tap "Next.”

  12. Now you are required to check if Outlook confirms your settings, then you can click the "Close" option, which is at the bottom of the official page.

  13. Finally, tap the option of "Finish" to complete the set-up procedure.

  14. After completing all the pointers mentioned above the procedure of set-up gets complete.

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