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Microsoft Word provides the platform to share your documents easily with others. With the help of a Word document, you can edit or transform the document into a new file. If you find an error, you can follow the procedure below to recover your Microsoft Word document.

  • First, open the file you are working on.
  • Then tap on the file and info tab.
  • Go under the managed document and tap on file name as (when I closed without saving).
  • In the bar, tap the file and click the restore button.

If you do not save your file, you can go through the steps mentioned below.

  • You can go through the official site of Microsoft. 
  • After that, click on the file, then the info tab.
  • Then, tap the managed document and click on the recovered unsaved documents. 
  • Choose the file and tap on the open button.
  • The bar will open, then select the save button to retrieve the document.

Why has my saved Word document disappeared? 

The common problem is that you have forcefully quit the MS program or a power interruption with the system, which leads to shutting down accidentally. Another reason is that you have quit the world file without saving the recent changes.

How do I view document history in Word? 

You can go to the file and click on the history tab; then, you can view the document history in Word. If you cannot see the history in the navigation panel, you probably got a subscription version of Microsoft 365; in that case, you can follow the below method. 

  • Tap on the info button on the navigation panel. 
  • Look into the access of version history and choose a version to open the file in a separate tab.

Does Microsoft Word AutoSave?

Autosave is a new function that helps you save your file while working on it and is available in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 members. Since this feature is already activated, the saved file will be kept in One Drive for Business or online share points.

Can I permanently recover deleted Word documents?

A Word document that has been permanently deleted might still be recoverable. First, look in your computer's Trash or Recycle Bin to see if any deleted files are still there. If you cannot locate the document there, try running a data recovery software check on your computer to see if there are still any traces of the deleted file.

How do I find all my Word documents?

You can enter the keywords ( name of your document ) into the search box at the taskbar, and the page will show you the available files from your PC and one drive. 


If you still have the question, How do I recover Word documents? Then you can follow the above-mentioned information or clear your doubt with customer service at 1 (800) 642-7676.

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