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TurboTax is another excellent example of technology in the sector of Online Banking. TurboTax account helps the customer file the income tax online. It is one of the most prominent help to the American tax market produced by Intuit. Suppose you have come across any problem associated with your TurboTax account. If you are looking to find the answer to how do I recover my TurboTax account, you should know that you are on the right page and can follow this page until the end to solve everything related to your TurboTax account.

Procedure to Recover your TurboTax Account

To know the procedure for recovering your TurboTax account recover, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps to recover your TurboTax account

  1. Email
  2. Phone number
  3. User ID
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and provide all of the requested information.
  • After that, you'll get a one-time code to ensure that the actual owner is trying to recover the account or verify your account. If you don't receive any code or have any glitch, you can choose other methods to verify your account. Once this necessary procedure is done, you will find your account recovered.

Recover TurboTax Account Without Email and Phone

You can recover your TurboTax account without Email and phone numbers. The TurboTax Account Recovery needs your Email, phone number, or user id. If you don't wish to recover your TurboTax account through Email or your phone number, you can opt to use your user id. You need to remember your user id, for that matter.

Steps to Recover your Deleted TurboTax Account

The steps to recover your deleted TurboTax account are as easy as pie. The first thing you need to know about recovering your TurboTax account is that TurboTax never deleted your scout but did deactivate your account. And all you should do is follow the steps mentioned below to recover your deactivated TurboTax account.

The process to recover your deleted TurboTax account

  • Visit the link mentioned here,, and fill in the proper credential.
  • You can recover your account either through your email id, phone number, or user id.
  • You will be taken to the window to verify the account holder in the next step.
  • Then, you should follow the onscreen instructions to get your account recovered.
  • TurboTax will then send a recovery code to your registered email id or phone number. After that, you should be able to re-attract your account and receive access to it.

Bottom Line

That being said, now you know how to go for TurboTax account recovery and access your account back. TurboTax is the best e-filing platform for income tax, and it has the trust of its users. Whenever you have any complaints or questions about how the platform operates, you can contact TurboTax's customer service department directly. They are always available at the desk to answer every question of their users.

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