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There are many instances when users face the problem of not remembering their wi-fi password. So, in such a scenario, the most feasible option will be to look for your password on your device and to know How to find a wi-fi Password; you will have to follow the few simple and basic steps which you are going to learn here beneath as they are for your reference only.

How can I find my wi-fi Password on Windows?

To view your existing wi-fi password, you might have to follow some quick steps to know about your wi-fi password on Windows.

  • First, you will have to start your Windows on your PC
  • After that, click on the start tab and open the control panel
  • Therein click on network and internet 
  • Click over the change adapter settings option
  • Now you have to double click the wireless adapter
  • Next, tap wireless properties 
  • In their select security tab
  • Here you have to click over “show characters,” and you will get your wi-fi password characters.

What is the procedure to find wi-fi Passwords with MacOS?

If you want to know about the procedure by which you find your wi-fi password on macOS, you should follow the following tips as it will genuinely show you your wi-fi password on macOS.

 Keychain access on Mac.

  • First, you have to shoot the keychain app on Mac 
  • Now from the top right, you will have to select the spotlight search option
  • There on the page, click on systems and then choose a password from the categories
  • Next, in attributes, you will have the option “show password.”
  • Note that you must enter your login and password for authentication. 
  • At last, you can now easily view your password.

However, after you go through the above section for viewing your wi-fi password on both Windows and macOS there, you also get the option to change your password. Still, if you face any query in searching wi-fi password, then you must get in touch with a customer service executive for help.

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