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If you are facing any problems with Snapchat and need to know How do I complain to Snapchat? Then, for that, there are some simple forms that you can operate to attach with them to troubleshoot the trouble; below are the steps to follow:-

  • Initially, you must access your Snapchat profile and then navigate to the settings option. 
  • Then, scroll down and click on the "I spotted a bug" or "I have a suggestion" tab to open. 
  • Now, you need to select the part of the app where your report is about. 
  • After that, you must describe the bug and add an attachment if you have any related to the error. 
  • Lastly, select the topic and tap on the submit button.

How do I contact Snapchat directly? 

Do you need to contact Snapchat directly? Then, for that, you are required to get their official contact number. To get their number, you must access the page and then go to the contact page where you search for the number, and when you get that, (310) 399-3311, then dial it. After that, you will connect with expert services that assist you in providing all the resolutions and troubleshooting the error.

Can I get my AI back after deleting it on Snapchat? 

Yes, you will get your AI back after deleting it on Snapchat, but for that, there are some steps that you need to follow to get back to its previous place. The initial step is to go to search and start finding my AI, then click on it to open chat. Send them a message to get it back on your chat feed.

How can you report on Snapchat? 

If you want to report on Snapchat, there are multiple ways you can use it. Below are the simple steps that you can easily use and report that:-

  • To report a Snapchat account, press and hold the Snapchatter name, click the More or Setting button, tap on the report option, and confirm. 
  • To report content you see, press and hold on to it and click "report snap or report ad."

How do I complain to Snapchat about my AI? 

When you face any issue with your Snapchat My AI, then to make a Snapchat complaint, you need to press and hold on to the chat response and tap on the report; then, a new page opens where you enter the reason to report the chat and then submit that.

How can I talk to someone on Snapchat? 

Are you looking for methods that you can use to talk to someone on Snapchat? Then, the Chat Now option is best, and for that, you need to access the Snapchat app and swipe right from the camera screen to open the chat screen. Now, you need to click on the chat icon option and search for friends, then tap on it to start a conversation with them.


You will get all the required information related to Snapchat in this article and resolve all the errors. For all the possible details, you can read to the bottom and follow all the mentioned steps appropriately.

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