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Many Telus phone or internet service users wish to cancel their plan online either to switch to another alternative or for another reason. If a user of Telus needs to know How to cancel Telus Internet, the process is straightforward and can be processed using the steps given below: 

  • Go to the “Telus” website.
  • Insert your username and password to get into your account.
  • As you get a hold of your account, click on the service or plan you wish to end the subscription to.
  • Click on the cancel option, followed by confirming your decision.

How much does it cost to cancel TELUS cable? 

To cancel the TELUS cable, it costs around $50. This cancellation fee is not fixed and is subject to change; therefore, users must get the exact quotation by connecting them with customer services. 

How do I cancel my Telus security system? 

Users who want to cancel their Telus security system must contact customer care services over the phone. For the same, they have to dial the phone number 866- 771-9666 and follow all the instructions an automated voice gives. Finally, as they come across a live representative, they must obey all the instructions. Finally, as the call is connected to the representative, they can request they cancel their system security. 

How do I cancel my Telus automatic payment? 

Many users wish to cancel their automatic renewal. If you are also using Telus services and are not happy with the automatic payment, then you can cancel it anytime using the straightforward steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the website of Telus.
  • Navigate to the “My Telus” section to log into your account.
  • You must select the billing section.
  • You will be shown all the services to which you have a subscription.
  • Click on the one you want to end payment auto-renewal.
  • You must click on the cancel button. 
  • Submit must be pressed next to confirm. 

How do I get a refund from TELUS? 

To get a refund from Telus, users must submit a request using the online steps given below: 

  • Go to the website of Telus.
  • Press the option of support from the top menu bar. 
  • Press the “Go to support request” button.
  • As the application form is generated, you need to clarify your reason for claiming a refund after filling in all the mandatory fields and reviewing your entries.
  • You can also attach the documents supporting your refund request.
  • Press the submit button. 

What happens when my Telus internet contract expires? 

Once your Telus internet contract expires, it will be automatically renewed every month. You can use the service or unsubscribe as you wish. You can even renew your internet subscription manually by paying the charges. 


Users can refer to the important information above to cancel Telus plans or claim refunds. They can easily connect with customer services to seek other information regarding their plan or services.

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