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How do I log into my email on my iPhone?

Are you looking to log in to your email in iPhone? If yes, then go through the below-mentioned instructions acts as a guide for you. Sometimes iPhone users face issues while login their email on the device, which needs to be cleared appropriately. In the below-mentioned details, we consider the various ways of signing in the email on iPhone. Go through the instructional guide carefully to get an overview.

Let us see the ways of setting up the Email account on the iPhone:

Many iPhone users are unaware of the detailed instructions of "how to add email to iPhone" Generally, there are two ways we get to consider in the below-mentioned pointers.

Set up your email account automatically:

In case if you are a regular user of different email providers like iCloud, Google, or Yahoo Mail, then it can automatically set you your email account by following the pointers:

  • Visit the setting mail & Tap accounts.
  • Click the option of Add account and select your email service option.
  • The second step is now ready to enter your Login credentials(Email address & Password) as you get complete. It is essential to fill in the login credentials correctly. Otherwise, you will not be able to get access.
  • Click the option "Next" and wait as Mail is authenticating. The process will take some time as the verification procedure goes on, so you must wait for some minutes.
  • Now select the information from your email account like Contacts or Calendar.
  • Finally, you are needed to tap the option "Save" the setup procedure gets completed.

Set up your email account manually:

If you are finding "how to add email to iPhone," it is necessary to know the detailed Email settings of your account. If you are not used to them, you are required to contact the Email service provider. For getting a detailed description of the procedure, stick to these below-mentioned pointers;

  • Firstly you have to visit the section of "Settings" in your Mail.
  • Tap the option of "Accounts."
  • Firstly, click the option of "Add Account," then another, and finally, Tap the option "Add a Mail account."
  • After completing the three steps now, you are required to enter your Login credentials(Username & Password) with a detailed description for your account. Ensure that the report is accurate.
  • As you fill in the information correctly, Tap "Next," and now Mail will try to find out the email settings for completing the account setup procedure.
  • Finally, if Mail gets your Email settings, Click the option of "Done" to complete the account setup procedure. In case the email settings get not available, then you have to provide them manually.

Entering the Account settings manually:

As we see in the pointers mentioned above, if Mail fails to find the settings, the users must enter this information manually. In this situation, Tap the option "Next" and follow the below-mentioned pointers carefully:

  • Now you have to select IMAP or POP for your email account. If you are not ready to choose an option between these, you must contact your Email service provider.
  • After completing the first step, you must enter the information related to the Incoming Mail server or Outcoming Mail server. Review the filled information carefully and tap the option "Next," If you are not available with this information, you must look up this from other sources.
  • As you completed the second step now, if you have provided the correct details related to the email settings, tap the option of "Save To Finish." If the provided information is incorrect, then the system will automatically ask you to edit those details.

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