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Sometimes, Microsoft has locked your account, and there are various reasons behind that, but they will also give you the option to unlock that account. To Unlock your Microsoft account, you have to apply for the security code, and if you need more information about the process, you must go through the points mentioned below.

  • Sign in to your account and tap on Unlock the account 
  • Now, use any contact number on which you want a security code
  • Following this, fill that code in the mentioned space 
  • Lastly, the system will verify your information, and your account will be unlocked.

How long are you locked out of your Microsoft account?

If your account has been locked due to an incorrect password, it will be unlocked within 24 hours, and to unlock it, you have to try with a security code or resetting your password.

How do I contact Microsoft about a locked email account?

While using Microsoft, if you accidentally locked your email account and are unaware of the information to recover it, you must communicate with their support team. The support team member will guide you and give you all possible information about locked account policies, time to recover the account, etc. To communicate with them, there are different options available, but the convenient option is to call, and for that, you must call this number: 1 (800) 642-7676. Then, choose the language in which you are looking to take the assistance; then, go through the IVR options and communicate with the support team. 

How long does it take for Microsoft to unlock your account?

Consequently, Microsoft will unlock your account within 24 hours, but sometimes, it will take 30 days due to its lengthy process to get back your account. The time taken by Microsoft will depend upon the reason for which the account has been locked.

Why am I locked out of my Microsoft account for 30 days?

When you delete your security info from your account, your account will be locked for 30 days, but in such a situation, you can reach out to Microsoft support. If you breach any policies or Microsoft finds you're doing any malicious activity, your account will be locked for 30 days. 

Do locked Microsoft accounts get deleted?

As per the account activity policies, your Microsoft account has been permanently deleted if you do not sign in for at least two years, and you will never be able to recover that account.

What happens if your Microsoft account is locked?

There are some users whose account has been locked, but they need help figuring out what to do to unlock that account. In this situation, they must request an unlock account using the online mode. For that, they have to sign in to their account and ask for the security code on their contact number, and the number doesn't need to be associated with your account.


With the information provided above, you will know how to unlock your Microsoft account; if you want any information, you can reach out to the support team member, who is available 24 hours or visit Microsoft's official website.

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