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Printers are the device used to get a hard copy of the photos and documents on your computer. If your printer is unable to perform this task properly. You can set your device as the default printer setting to avoid asking you the type of print you want every time. To know how to reset the printer, follow the steps below:

  • Open the control panel, go to Bluetooth & devices, and select the printer and scanners option. 
  • Now, select the set as default. 
  • If you do not find this option, hit the button next to Let Windows manage my default printer and click the on button.

How do I restart my printer connection? 

The printer may not work properly sometimes; in this case, you may want to fix it if you have tried everything and cannot refix your device. Try to restart your printer; sometimes, power cycling helps resolve the printer issue. First, turn off your printer, unplug it for 30 seconds, attach the wires again, and start your printer.

How do you reboot a wireless printer? 

  • Turn off the wifi and unplug the power cord of your primary device.
  • Hold for a while and plug the cords back into the devices.
  • Start the printer and turn on the wifi. Now, continue to work with your device.

Does unplugging a printer reset it? 

If your printer is not working properly, several things can be tried to fix your printer. But, if all of these are not working and you must take it to a specialist, you are advised to unplug your printer once. It may help, and your device may start to work again. Unplug all the wires from your printer and then, after a while, plug it back in and restart the device. It may now work properly. 

Why is my printer working but not printing?

Sometimes, your printer shows the light on, but you can still not perform the task. If it happens with your device and you want to fix it. You should check the cords to see if they are correctly connected to your computer or other device. In case it is a wireless printer, check the Bluetooth connection and if it is connected or not. You must check the ink and paper. If all of these are perfect, you should check the printer driver. You may need to update your driver.

Why do printers need to reset? 

Resetting the printer may be helpful. If your printer is not performing its task correctly, you want to fix it. You are advised to reset your printer, which will clear all your device malfunctions, and your device may start working again properly. To reset your device, go to the control panel in your computer and take the cursor to Bluetooth and device, and from here, move to the printer setting and click on set as default. This process will reset your device and start to work correctly again.

What happens if I reset the printer?

The users are advised to reset their printer if they are facing some problems in using the printer. It will reset the device to the original setting and remove the current print job. This may resolve your issue, and your printer will work properly.

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