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Amazon will give you a free month-long trial of its Prime service if you haven't signed up for it in the previous twelve months. The cancellation procedure is simple if you took advantage of the free trial offer and want to cancel your subscription to avoid getting charged $14.99 monthly. Here's how to cancel your Amazon Prime free trial subscription on a desktop or mobile device:

Easy steps to cancel Amazon Prime free trial via the website:

  • First, go to the official site of Amazon Prime and sign in with your account. 
  • Move your cursor to the accounts and lists tab, and from the list, select the Prime option membership.
  • You can now see Prime membership account details and here tap on manage membership (Update, Cancel, and more)
  • Next, on the page, click end membership from the drop-down menu.
  • Within this page, click the "cancel my benefits" option. 
  • Now, click "continue to cancel." 
  • Finally, you move to the cancellation page, and here tap on cancel membership.
  • In the end, your Amazon Prime trial will get canceled, and you will not get charged onscreen; you have two alert boxes wherein you can read complete information for the trial period.

How long do Amazon Prime free trials last?

Generally, you get access to Amazon Prime free trial, and per the terms and conditions, the trial period is up to 30 days. Note, if you cancel it within 30 days, it's not an issue, but if you don't cancel it, it will automatically get converted to a paid membership plan.

How much does Amazon Prime charge after a free trial?

If you have access to Amazon Prime free trial, once the free trial period gets over, per month, subscription charges would be around $14.99 plus any applicable taxes. Note that if you want a year subscription after the trial zone, you must pay $139 per year with applicable taxes.

Does Amazon Prime free trial cancel automatically?

No, once you reach the last day of your Amazon Prime free trial, you will automatically be converted to a paid monthly membership of around $2.99. However, every user has also been given the option to set a renewal reminder by selecting the "Remind me later" option from your Amazon account.

How many times can I get Amazon Prime free trial?

All Amazon customers are eligible for one free trial of Prime every 12 months. However, If you want to contact the Amazon Prime customer support team for your account, visit the website and then discuss your issues accordingly and get solutions in time from their support.

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