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How do I change my printer status from offline to online?

Printers not working are one of the most common issues faced by the people. Often while connecting the printing device to the internet or any other system, usually the device starts showing offline status. Such types of issues are very common and if you face such kind of errors then there are ways to fix that as well. You can either take the help of troubleshooting or contact the support team of the printer.

1.Ways to fix the printer showing offline status:

If you find your printer showing offline status then maybe there is some issue with the settings of your device and it requires some type of troubleshooting. Here is it how you can fix it.

2.Check the power button and Wi-Fi:

A lot of people forget to turn on the power button of the device or even the internet connection gets loose because of which the device displays offline status. Henceforth it’s advised to everyone to check the internet connection before printing anything.

Set the printer on default settings:

As you set one common printer on settings then for every type of printing task, you can use it and you don’t have to mention every time that you need any other type of printer.

3.Remove and reinstall the printer:

If you find that your printer has stopped working, then try to remove the printer first and then add it back. Once you add back the printer, a lot of common issues get fixed anyway.

4.Re-start the PC:

Just in case you find that printer is showing offline error then the very first thing you can do is turn off the printer. Now that once you have switched off the printer plus the PC, you can turn it on again and start using it.

5.Update the printer settings:

If you start facing issues with your printer then you should update the device as soon as possible. And if you want to avoid all sorts of issues from printers then keep updating your device from time to time.

6.Check the ink and paper tray:

Sometimes if there is no ink or paper left in the tray inside the printer, then also you might see the errors like offline. And to fix it, keep refilling the ink before it gets dried completely.

And therefore with the help of the following mediums, one can easily fix the issue of why is my printer offline. And in case you feel like, you need more information relating to the printer, then you can contact the customer care team of printer service.

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