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Hotmail not Working: How do I fix Hotmail problems?

Hotmail provides customers with a very easy and secure means of connecting directly and professionally and is the first Microsoft-started webmail service. It is a free online email service with many successful programs. By sending and receiving e-mails at high speed, you can restore your account quickly, protect your accounts, and can use a whole set of other professional functions.

It can be very distressing for you if your account of Hotmail not working and you cannot accept or send e-mails. There are different explanations for this problem if you want to work with it, where you just need to detect the real cause of the problem. You can follow the below instructions to fix non-working issues of Hotmail:

  • Fix your Browser: You won't be able to load your Hotmail Page and work on this e-mail service if your browser is corrupt. Hence, first search your web browser to address browser problems. For this, you need to erase browser history, reset your browser and uninstall browser cookies.
  • Server Status Check: It is advised that the server status check is important to predict your Hotmail issues. It is advisable to search the server immediately to ensure that it is not low.
  • Ensure that your username and password are correct: Due to the difficulties with the Hotmail link, such as entering an incorrect user name or password, the Hotmail account does not function.
  • Verify your network settings: If the device is not wired correctly to the internet, the Hotmail problems would persist. You are advised to search your internet connectivity immediately and try rebooting your modem.
  • Not able to send and receive Hotmail messages: it is caused due to several factors like creating an email filter. For this, you need to remove the filter from your emails.

To resolve issues of Hotmail not working, you need to allow delivery to any different email address, there can be an explanation of why emails cannot be sent or received. You can try to disable transmission to address this issue. At last, if your issue is not resolved, then you can dial the Hotmail helpline number that is open 24/7.

Hotmail Related FAQs

Why can't I access my Hotmail account? 

Hotmail accounts are vital in this world and having trouble with your Hotmail account can become a strenuous activity at times. There are certain things that are responsible for creating Hotmail not working issues. Below mentioned is an account of all the plausible causes that are responsible for creating hindrances as far as access to your Hotmail account is concerned. 

  • There are chances that you might be experiencing poor internet connectivity. 
  • Server issues also create access problems with your Hotmail account. 
  • You must have forgotten your password. 
  • Wrong credentials also create issues with the Hotmail account. 

How do I fix Hotmail not receiving emails?

For fixing Hotmail not receiving emails the users are advised to stick to the steps mentioned down under: 

  • The first thing to check is the forwarding settings on your Hotmail account. 
  • Sync problems with your email and browser and this may further create problems with receiving emails on your Hotmail account. 
  • Moreover, there are certainly other issues that may create hindrances and problems like invalid account configuration. 
  • Check for email filters as this may also forward the emails onto other accounts and you are unable to receive the emails on your Hotmail account. 

How do I get my Hotmail account unblocked?

If your Hotmail account has been blocked and you would want to unblock the same then you are advised to stick to the steps that are listed down under:

  • First and foremost, the users are advised to visit 
  • Enter your email address followed by the characters that are present on the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Next’ option and then you are required to select the option that will provide a security code. 
  • Enter the security code where prompted and you are good to go.

How can I speak to someone about my Hotmail account?

  • You can connect to the customer service by clicking on the Virtual agent option that is available on the Microsoft Support page. The Virtual agent will connect your call automatically to the Hotmail customer service and then you can discuss your all queries and problems. 
  • You can also drop an email at the designated email address provided on the official support page of Outlook. 

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