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There are times when most users face issues with their Canon printer after installing it at their place. However, the common problems you can conclude for Canon printer not responding are few and are mentioned well described under the below-referred list points. 

  • You might be using an outdated printer driver 
  • Or you have a loose internet connection with Canon Printer
  • Further, it could be Canon printer you have installed not have been configured properly 
  • Another common issue might be Windows OS needing to support your Canon printer.

How do I fix the Canon printer not responding?

As you get issues with Canon Printer not responding, and after reading the above points, you retrieved all the necessary information about Canon not responding. Now you need to get the appropriate data set for fixing it. Then you can use the below statements point-wise and tackle them through guidance.

  • First, you should try to reboot your computer. 
  • Another point is you must remove and re-add the printer. 
  • Once you remove or detach all the cables from the printer and start it again, it is the process of power cycling the device. 
  • Try to remove all the commands as you stop the print queue and remove the list. You will be able to get sorted with the Canon printer issue. 
  • Further, you should also restart the print spooler service with the Canon printer. 
  • Or, you can choose troubleshooting options.
  • You can also uninstall the third-party antivirus services.
  • Lastly, switch the Canon printer ports, and you will get the issues fixed accordingly.

Why won't my Canon printer connect to my computer?

Sometimes when you install a Canon printer and try to connect it to your device then in that particular instance, the most common issue that may occur for not getting associated with your device would be; you may not have turned on your printer or your device's Wi-Fi lamp hasn't lit or wireless LAN is inactive, or last would be that your Wi-Fi lamp is off.

What do the flashing lights mean on my Canon printer?

The flashlight on the Canon printer indicates if that particular tool hasn't been installed correctly. Moreover, if the light on the ink tank is flashing continuously, it depicts that the ink cartridge is empty.

How do I reconnect my Canon printer to Wi-Fi?

Below are some essential points you must read, and then you can reconnect the Canon printer to Wi-Fi.

  • First, you need to tap the Wi-Fi command prompt on the Canon printer
  • Therein select Wi-Fi and then choose settings 
  • After which tap Wi-Fi setup
  • Tap over WPS and simultaneously turn on the Wi-Fi device 
  • Ahead of this, tap an Ok button and follow up the further prompts and receive assistance.

Is there a reset on a Canon printer?

Yes, the reset option is available on Canon Printer, and to proceed with this type of procedure, you should first hold on to the "On/Off" button and then press the stop button five times. Now you have to release the on/off button the printer will reset and restart automatically.

How do I reset my Canon Pixma wireless printer?

To learn the proper steps for resetting Canon Pixma wireless printer, you will have to select the setup option and then go to device settings. Scroll down to the bottom, and from the menu list, you can choose reset accordingly and follow the prompts properly.

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