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While using CenturyLink Internet, if you face any trouble, such as it not working correctly, and want to know the reason for it. There are numerous reasons why the internet stops working. To get help with the issues, you can also contact the customer support team, who will resolve all the problems as soon as possible. Some of the reasons that CenturyLink's internet is not working are given below:

  • You must check whether your device is properly plugged in correctly.
  • Double-check the password for the internet connection.
  • Sometimes, the users' names are the same, and this may also cause problems when using CenturyLink Internet.
  • Check the settings of the device.
  • Maybe the router or the modem get damaged.

How do I reset my CenturyLink router?

While using CenturyLink, if you encounter trouble and need a solution for it, then one of the best is to reboot it. If you want to reset your CenturyLink router, then use the instructions that are described below:

  • First, on your router.
  • On the back side of it, you will get the Reset button.
  • Hold it for at least one minute. 
  • Once you complete the process then, wait for the router to power back on. 

The other way to reset the router is the online process. It would be best if you used this medium by following the steps highlighted below:

  • First, click on the Internet and Setting option.
  • Select your router and enter the ID and password in the following sections.
  • On the next page, tap the Menu option and click Reset.

What does it mean when CenturyLink modem is blinking blue?

If you see a blue light blinking on your CenturyLink modem, that is the router's gateway. It indicates that the modem is searching for a signal or no network. You need to make sure that your modem is plugged in properly.

Where is the reset button on the CenturyLink router?

There are two ways to reset the CenturyLink router: manually and online. If you want to reset the router manually, at the back of it, you will see the reset button. Hold the button for thirty seconds and release it. 

What is the IP address of my CenturyLink router?

The IP address of your CenturyLink router is Searching for the IP address is easy. First, Click on the System Preferences option and then open the Network Pane under the Internet and Wireless tab. Now, you will get the IP address.

What will happen if I reset my CenturyLink modem?

Resetting your CenturyLink Modem means all the customized settings, including password, wifi name, routing and DHCP settings. Before resetting the modem, always make a backup of it so that it will be easy to recover everything. 


You can reset the modem using the methods noted above. If you still have issues using CenturyLink, contact the customer support team, who will resolve them within a few minutes. For additional information, you can also check the official web page of CenturyLink Internet.

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