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Suggest ways to fix Roku Error 016: Local Net Connection

Roku is a set-top box device that is used basically to connect with television in order to stream in TV shows and channels. Based in America, Roku is one of the major streaming devices in a country that is no less than a blessing for people into binge-watching series. A lot of People usually prefer using a Roku device for their entertainment purpose. Therefore if you also want to enjoy all the latest series and shows then Roku is for you. But sometimes Roku stops responding and you will find some errors occurring in the device. And one such error that has become most common these days is Roku error 016. Roku error 016 usually occurs when set up box is not able to stream into the TV. There are many reasons for Roku error code 016 which can be resolved easily.  But before jumping to solutions you should also be aware of the reasons behind Roku error 016. The most common ones are discussed below.

The reason behind Roku error 016:

  • Internet failure because of which device does not connect with TV
  • When you don’t fix the Roku device properly
  • Internet is slow
  • Channel that you are trying to connect does not connect or is no more.

Now after knowing the reasons behind Roku error 016, you can fix them with the solutions mentioned below.

Methods to fix Roku error 016 issues:

  • Since the main work of Roku error is to stream in audios and videos through the internet. But if the internet does not work you won’t be able to stream. Therefore try checking for internet before streaming in and if it is connected then connect it

  • While trying to set it up, assemble all the parts properly or else it won’t start
  • Try to enter the correct user name of your wireless connection
  • If nothing works out then switch off and restart the router again.
  • While getting an internet connection try getting one with strong connectivity because most of the times when Roku does not work is because of the weak internet
  • Remember your passwords well because Roku won’t start if you don’t enter the correct password.
  • Pay your internet and subscription bill on time or else connection would be canceled

And hence that’s all for all the methods suggesting ways how to fix Roku error code 016. In case you still can’t fix or have any doubt then contact customer support.

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