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What is Yahoo Mail Error 475 and How to Fix it:

Yahoo mail is an email account that you can create for free. First-time users need to create an account with Yahoo by visiting Yahoo mail website and filling the sign-up form.Afterwards, you can log in to your Yahoo mail account anytime anywhere with the help of email id/username and password.

Causes of Yahoo Mail Error 475:

Many times Yahoo shows some error at the time of account login or at the time yahoo mail user is sending or receiving emails. Yahoo error 475 is one of the errors that cause temporary account block. The problem the user faces because of this error are discussed below:

  • This error occurs if yahoo detects any suspicious activity in your account.
  • You are not able to log in to your account.
  • You are blocked to send or receive emails.

Ways to Fix Yahoo Error 475 In a Simple Way:

Yahoo error 475 can be resolved by some of the simple solutions discussed below

  • First thing you can try is clear outbox mails and reopen your Yahoo mail account.
  • Log out of your yahoo mail and try to log in by opening yahoo mail in a different browser.
  •  Wait a few hours and try to send email again to a single person at a time and without any attachments.
  • You can also apply for change password that can be done by account settings. Follow the instructions to change the password and open Yahoo mail account with a new password.
  • If the above methods are not helpful then you can call Yahoo customer service and get your account unblocked.


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