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Want To Reset  Roadrunner Password But Have No Clue? Here’s What You Can Do

Are you looking for info on how to reset the password of the roadrunner email account? Well, your search stops right here as this post will help you with changing your Roadrunner email account password easily, whether you know your current password or not. However, the solutions mentioned here may vary depending on what type of Roadrunner email account you have – Master account or Sub Account.

Therefore, read further to know about the roadrunner password reset and follow the instruction mentioned here to get back your access to your own account.

Resetting Your Own Forgotten Password: Roadrunner Email Accounts

In case, if you have forgotten the password of your own Roadrunner account, then follow the steps mentioned below to reset it.

  • Visit the Spectrum Webmail page, then click on the Forgot Email Password link, and then choose the “I don’t know my email password” link.
  • Mention the email address linked to your account, then select the “I’m not a robot” checkbox, and then click on Submit.
  • In case, if you have reset your password before via using the Password Reset Tool, then you might be prompted to enter your modem’s MAC address, and then click on Submit.
  • Now, mention the Answer to a security verification question, then select Reset Password, and then you’ll be able to see the new password. However, you can also change as per your preferences in the Self Care section after getting access to your account, or you can follow the steps mentioned in the next segment on the same.

In case, if you are a Roadrunner sub-account user, then you can consult with your master account holder for your roadrunner password reset.

Resetting Your Own Password When You Know It: Roadrunner Email Accounts

Changing Password Of Master Roadrunner Email Accounts:

  • In your Roadrunner email account, navigate to the Subscriber Self Care section, then mention the Email Address and Password linked to your account.
  • Next, mention the CAPTCHA text as highlighted in the image, and then select Login.
  • Now, move to the User Management section, then select Change Password, and then enter the great password or your Current Password, and then the New Password (twice).
  • Finally, select the Change Password option to save the changes for your new password.

Changing Password Of Sub Account User’s Roadrunner Email Accounts

The first thing you should know that only your master account holder can change the password of your account. However, if you face any issues with that then you can contact the tech support for your Roadrunner account recovery. Now follow the steps mentioned below to change a sub-account user’s password (for Master account holders):

  • Initially, move to the Subscriber Self Care section, then mention the Email Address and Password for your master account.
  • Go through the CAPTCHA verification, then select Login, and then select Change Password for sub account’s user.
  • Mention the New Password, then confirm it via clicking on the Change Password.

For more info/assistance on the Roadrunner account recovery and other queries, you can always contact the tech experts at Roadrunner.

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