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What if I forgot the email address for my PayPal account?

If you are a user of a PayPal account and use it for paying off the expenses digitally then you have to make sure that your account does not get disabled. But sometimes people end up losing the password or the username of the PayPal account and then struggle with logging in.

Recovering the lost password of PayPal account:

If you have lost the password of the PayPal account then you can pick either of the recovery methods and then get it fixed. But just in case you try recovering the lost password with the alternative accounts and unable to do then you can use other mediums to reset the password. To find more, tap below.

Account recovery without an email address:

Suppose if you are unable to recover your PayPal account without an email then you can use the alternatives of the Recovery phone number or even answer the security questions. To reset the password using these mediums, tap below.

Steps to recover the lost password of PayPal without Email:

  • In case you want to recover the lost password, first of all, go to the sign in page of PayPal and tap on the option of a lost password. From here, you will be redirected to the PayPal account recovery page.
  • Now enter the username that you use to log in to your account followed by the other online instructions.  And after this pick one method to recover the lost password.
  • For example, if you choose the recovery phone number then you will receive one recovery code on the text. As you open the text, enter the code in the verification box and then set a new password to fix it. You can re-enter the password to confirm.
  • Meanwhile, if you have neither of the recovery mediums, then you can also use security questions to answer and set the lost password. PayPal will ask you a few basic questions that you have to answer and once you are done, you can create a new password and re-enter to confirm.

How to set a strong password for PayPal?

If you use the PayPal account then keep updating the password of the account or else you might forget the password of the account. Always try to include a new password and never share it with anyone. You can even try to note it down somewhere so that you don’t forget it. And that’s it! In case you feel like you are facing more doubts, then you can even contact the customer support team of PayPal.

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