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What is the correct method for resetting the QuickBooks account password?

QuickBooks users occasionally request for resetting account passwords due to the reasons like they have forgotten or misplaced it. A QuickBooks user must remember the login password, or else they have to face trouble at the time of accessing their account. But still, it might happen a few times that a QuickBooks user is not able to recall the account login password. However, this situation is not as difficult as it seems because a QuickBooks user has the choice to reset the password. However, you need to ensure whether you have to reset the admin password or user password on QuickBooks, as the procedure for both are slightly different. Moreover, the correct procedure for QuickBooks password reset in both conditions is explained below.

Easy steps to reset QuickBooks admin password:

  • Launch QuickBooks software and in the user name field enter admin
  • Then, choose Forgot my password link and proceed to the next step
  • After that, a challenge question will arrive if enabled in your account previously
  • Then enter the right answer for your challenge question and password reset option will appear
  • But if you don’t know the right answer then tap I forgot my password again
  • After that, a form to reset your QuickBooks admin password will show up
  • Now fill every detail asked in that form correctly
  • You have to enter your registered ID, license number and contact details in the form
  • Then hit OK and QuickBooks authority will send a code in your registered ID
  • After that, you have to grab that ode from your email and paste on QuickBooks recovery page
  • Then you will transfer to a new window where you can reset your admin password

Easy steps to reset QuickBooks user password:

  • First of all, login to QuickBooks account as an admin
  • Then move to Company section on the home page
  • After that, choose set up users and password tab from the Company tab
  • Next click on set up users and enter admin password if prompted
  • Then from complete user list scroll down to the single user to reset password
  • After that, choose edit user tab and then type a new password in the assigned box
  • Then type the same password one more time and finish the task to reset user password

Hence, the correct procedure for QuickBooks account recovery in both the scenarios when the admin password is lost or a user password is misplaced successfully explained above. Besides, you can also contact QuickBooks tech support when require additional help regarding password reset, or facing any other sort of difficulty in your registered account with them.

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