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What to do if printer spooler is active on the printer: steps to resolve it

If you are a consistent user of Windows 10, the process of printing and trying to get the document stuck in a queue can be really frustrating at times. The worst part, if you try canceling the given command of printing the concerned document, it will be deleted from the device completely. That is why it is said that print spooler error Windows 10 is a hassling process to do. This article is all about the fixation of this above-mentioned error. Moving ahead with the same, we will now see what could be the reasons behind the issue. 

One of the most common issues is the connection error, which is whether it is plugged in or plugged out. This connection issue can also be there in a stage to check whether it is connected to the device (personal computer,  laptop, or a mobile phone).

Moving forward to the second one, it can be the error with the printer spooler which indicates a service that spools the job of printing and gracefully handles all the forthcoming interactions that take place with the printer. At times when this particular service of print spooler stops working in any case, it will not support the device even after restarting both the printer and the device several times in a row. 

If it is you who is experiencing the problem, it can be fixed really quickly. You just have to put your knowledge and follow the steps to resolve this recurring issue once and for all the times, which are mentioned in the upcoming points of this article. The easiest-most step is to reset the print spooler on the personal computing device that you are using for completing your printing procedures.

Steps to fix the printer spooler using the available services:

In order to get your printer fixed in terms of print spooler on Windows 10, you have to read the below-mentioned steps:

  • Click on Start on Windows 10: 
  • Then you need to look for services.MSC: 
  • Tap on the top result:
  • Make a right-click the Print Spooler:
  • Locate the properties option:
  • Tap on the General tab:
  • Tap on the Stop button:
  • Utilize the Windows key + R keyboard
  • Now you need to run the command
  • Then you need to type C:\Windows\System32\spool\printers and then tap on entering.
  • Then you need to select everything that is there in the “printers” folder and then tap on the Delete button in order to remove the contents from the panel that is appearing from you.
  • Then on the page of “Printer Spooler Properties”, you need to click on the General tab.
  • Towards the end now, you need to click on the Start button with an objective to restart the service.
  • Don’t forget to press OK in the end to complete the process.

As per the expectations, the documents should be printed appropriately. If the print spooler error Windows 10 still continues to occur, in that case, feel free to contact the technical support team and avail yourself some assistance via phone call (if you are confident enough to resolve it again), via live chat, or via email support.

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