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Learn methods to manage Outlook server connectivity issue

Outlook users need to connect the exchange server for accessing their emails on it. However, Outlook users often face some unusual kind of trouble while connecting to the server that directly impacts on email accessibility. These Outlook server connection problems occur very occasionally at the same time, undoubtedly fixable, with some simple tricks. Moreover, the different techniques for fixing Outlook server connection errors are as below.

Set Outlook to offline mode

  • Open Outlook and go to the Send/Receive section
  • After that locate towards the Work offline option
  • Then hit offline and set Outlook to the offline mode

Restart Outlook and Computer

  • You can restart Outlook at first when the server connection problem occurs
  • Next, if restarting Outlook doesn’t help, restart your Computer too
  • After that, once your Computer is restarted properly, try connecting Outlook server again

Rebuild Outlook data file

  • First of all, you need to exit Outlook when a server connection error occurs
  • After that open Control panel and navigate to Mail tab from there
  • Next, go to the data files section and choose your data file on it
  • Hereafter navigate towards the location of your data file
  • Then rename the extension name of your Outlook data file
  • After that close the existing window and try to connect Outlook server  once again

Repair Outlook installation

  • Go to the Control panel on your device
  • Then choose Programs & features tab from there
  • After that navigate to the Outlook installation entry
  • Then tap change and select repair option on the opened window
  • Next tap on continue button and then allow for repairing Outlook completely
  • At last reboot your device and then connect to Outlook server again

Hence, you can use the above methods to get rid of Outlook not connecting to server trouble, but in case you failed to do so get help from a professional expert. You can contact the Outlook customer care team for receiving help from a live executive regarding the solutions for Outlook connectivity error.

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