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How to reset and change Optus account password? Get complete steps

Optus is among the best email service providers on the internet. If you have forgotten or lost the password, you have the option to reset it, and in case you wish to change it, an update option can be used. For the detailed process of reset and update of Optus password, you can find the details in this article.

The process to reset Optus password

To reset the account password in Optus, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the section of My Account in Optus email.
  • Click on the link Forgotten username or password.
  • Enter your Optus email address.
  • Now, you need to select your date of birth using the drop-down menu.
  • When you click Submit, you are asked to enter an alternate email address, and you will get a temporary password.
  • In the My Account section, enter the temporary password.
  • With this, you will be able to log in, and you can then change your password.

How to Change Optus password

  • Follow the steps to change the password:
  • Open the web portal of Optus.
  • Log in with your credentials of Optus Account.
  • Click Settings and then click on the Change password option.
  • After that, enter your existing password and the new password.
  • Finally, your password is changed and you need to sign-in again to your account.

For any other query on the Optus password reset, you can contact the support team. The Optus technical executives are available 24x7 for your assistance and to resolve all your queries. The details of contact are available on the official webpage of Optus.

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