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How to fix the Mac Book keyboard not working?

People who dig a hole in their pocket to buy an expensive Mac Book have a reason that this device has some cool features and a high definition keyboard is one of them. We all need to type something while using computers or laptops, and the keyboard of a Mac Book tops the technological properties. But just because you use an apple laptop doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be any technological bug or fault.

Mac book keyboard not working: 

Often uses complain that they face difficulty while logging in to the Mac Book or using its keyboard which is a very common issue. You can easily fix the bug with the help of some troubleshooting methods. But before you jump to the conclusion, first of all, find out the reason behind the Mac keyboard not working.

Reasons behind Mac Book keyboard not working: 

  • The keyboard of the apple computers or laptops is quite different from the normal systems. Mostly you will find the base of the Mac Book quite slim as compared to a normal keyboard. And because of these reasons, one has to be very careful regarding the maintenance of the keyboards.
  • Just in case, if dust particles settle down on the base of the keyboard, then it might stop working because the keypads are quite delicate.
  • In case there is any physical damage to the keyboard of the Mac Book, then you won’t be able to type properly.
  • Also if there is any battery issue in the device then also keypad might stop working.
  • Moreover, if there is any update issue in your device, the also keyboard might stop working.

Ways to fix Mac Book keyboard not working: 

In case you are juggling with the issue of Mac book keys not working then here are a few methods to fix the issue.

  • First of all, try to leave your device as it is. After some time, try to type anything on your keyboard and see if it has resumed working or not.
  • If it’s still not working then switch off your device first. Turn off the computer and then turn on the device and connect to the keyboard again.
  • Try the options of alt key five times to see if it has started working or not.
  • Open the system preferences followed by the accessibility and then follow the instructions.
  • If the keyboard still doesn’t respond then maybe you need to take it to the apple technical team. You can either call on the helpline number of the apple or simply take the keyboard to any apple store to get it checked. And that’s all.

How Do I Fix My Mac Keyboard Not Working?

Various people make use of the Mac Keyboard while using the iOS device to complete their digital activities. Many users often take technical help first to resolve this issue. However, you can easily resolve it by using the basic techniques that are listed below for various relevant issues.

How to Fix Mac Keyboard Not-Working Issue?

You can easily complete the Mac Keyboard issue by using the following process. Here, you should use the following steps to recover various methods.

Immaculate Your Mac Keyboard:

It is possible to fix any anomaly in your keyboard by using the following process. This step will help you to clean any dirt or any other element stuck in your keyboard. Here, you need to use the following process.

  • First, incline your keyboard at specific degrees to use this process.
  • Try rotating your keyboard multiple times from left to right or vice versa.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner at low pressure to not harm any key.

Check the Connection:

You can also use the method to check the connection of your Keyboard. This method is very productive when you are facing this issue due to the connection error. Use these steps here to continue the process.

  • Examine the USB slot where the keyboard is connected.
  • Switch the USB slots to attach your keyboard to the device.
  • Try connecting the keyboard to a different device.

Use the Software options:

If the hardware method is not working, then you can use the software options. This method allows you to amend any non-operating function of your keyboard.

  • Go to the Apple Menu and choose the System Preference option.
  • Here, select the Accessibility option to open the keyboard section.
  • Click on Hardware and ensure that slow keys are off in your keyboard.

You can also resolve the problem of the MAC Keyboard Not Working Properly by contacting the customer service of Apple. With this method, you can contact the customer support live person of the airlines. Here, you should only use the official methods that are given here for anyone to use.

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