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(Guide) How can I speak to someone about my Hotmail account?

Are you stuck or unable to send an email to your Hotmail email account? Then you shall not panic as there is always a resolution to every problem. And this issue of yours can also be resolved. This is done by contacting the customer support of the email. 

So, if you are stuck or need assistance then you are free to contact Hotmail customer service that is active on the various platforms and gives live assistance. To know how to reach them you can refer to the information mentioned in this article further. 

Speak to someone at Customer Service about Hotmail Account:

 Speak to a Live Person at Hotmail: Call the toll-free number 1(800) 642-7676. An automated voice will prompt you to answer and say “home”, at the next prompt say “technical support”, and finally say “no” and you will be placed on hold for the next available customer service representative.

Speak to Someone at Hotmail Customer Service:

  • Dial toll-free number 800-642-7676. 
  • IVR voice will ask you to answer speak “home”, 
  • at the next menu speak “Hotmail technical support”, 
  • and finally, speak “no”
  • Now your call will be placed on hold for the available customer service representative.

Various Platforms to Contact Hotmail Customer Service for Assistance! 

  • Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number:: Dial To toll-free: +1(800) 642 7676 and+1 (800) 892 5234 (TTY) For hearing or speech impaired and get immediate assistance with your Microsoft Hotmail account start with, users have the choice to contact a live expert from the toll-free helpline number that is stated on the website. They will be getting on-the-spot resolutions to help resolve the issues. 
  • Users even can choose the chat support option that is present under the “Contact Us” section of the email. 

  • Social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc can also resolve the issue in a small time period. Users even can share the feedback if they need it so that Hotmail can improve their services.  

What is Hotmail's phone number?

Phone number: 0344 800 2400.

With the help of the above platforms, you come to know about various ways to resolve the issues related to Hotmail. Apart from this, if you do not know how to speak to someone about my Hotmail account and its issues then he can follow the steps below. 

Knowing Steps Related to Contact Hotmail Customer Service! 

  1. Start by calling on the toll-free helpline number that is stated on the website. You can also choose the chat support under the “Contact Us” option of the email. 

  2. When you get the assistance and answer from the opposite end asking for the concern then you can explain the issue that you have contracted for. 

  3. You will be asked to wait for a few minutes and then shared the best possible resolution. 

  4. Try the same and then share the feedback. 

With the help of the above information, you can get the resolutions on the spot to any of the issues related to the Hotmail email account. Some of the issues that are easily resolved by the experts are mentioned below. 

where to write Microsoft about Hotmail Account?

Hotmail & Outlook Complaints Department,
Microsoft Corporation
Corporate Headquarters
One Microsoft Way

Issues Resolved by Hotmail Customer Experts When Contacted Them! 

  1. When you are unable to log into the Hotmail account. 

  2. Not able to recover the account using any recovery option.  

  3. Unable to send or receive emails. 

  4. Unable to attach any file in the email. 

There can be many other issues that can be resolved when contacted by Hotmail customer service. So, the next time you are stuck, you are welcomed to contact customer service.

Can I ring Hotmail?

Yes, You can speak to someone about your Hotmail account at 03448002400 to complain about your Hotmail email service.

What happened to my Hotmail account?

Hotmail is now migrated to and you can log in to your Hotmail account by using and use your account efficiently.

Hotmail Customer Service: Global Contact Numbers:

Country/Region Country/Region code Phone number Language
Anguilla            +1 1 866 993 9330
305 418 9136
English / Español
United States             +1

(800) 642 7676
(800) 892 5234 (TTY)

U.S. Virgin Islands             +1 1 877 678 8033
305 418 9136 (Long Distance)

Canada              +1 877 568 2495
905 568 0434
800 892 5234 (TTY)
English / Français
Costa Rica              +1 0800 016 1034
800 542 5320
305 418 9143
1 866 993 9302
305 418 9136
Mexico            +1 52 55 47772929
01 800 123 3353
305 418 9143 (Larga Distancia)
Ecuador            +1 1800 010 288
305 418 9143 (Larga Distancia)
United Kingdom          +44 (0)344 800 2400 English
Spain           N/A 902 197 198 Español
Australia           N/A 13 20 58 English
New Zealand           N/A
0800 800 004
9 368 5680
India          +91
(0)80 4010 3000
1 800 572 1100
1 800 102 1100
Philippines          N/A 180011102363
800 6427 6738

Singapore          N/A 800 1013659 English
        +358 (0)9 8171 0400 Suomi
France          N/A (0)9 70 01 90 90 Français
        +49 (0)180 6 67 22 55
Greece          N/A
801 500 3000
211 12 06 500

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