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How can you access your Yahoo mail with Outlook account?

Yahoo and Outlook both are leading platforms for sharing emails in personal and professional circles. Also if you want, you can log in to the Yahoo account using the Outlook account. For the details, tap below. 

Accessing Yahoo in Outlook account  

To access the Yahoo account in the Outlook account, make sure to secure your account so that you can connect Outlook with Yahoo. To find out how to set Yahoo mail in Outlook, tap below. 

Two-step verification 

  • Log into your Yahoo mail first using the username and password.
  • Now once the account opens, in the right corner of the web page click on the profile name followed by the account info. 
  • Now select account security and turn on the settings for the 'allow apps that use less secure login' toggle. You might have to complete the Captcha process to verify the account. 

And thus Yahoo mail account now will accept the sign in from the Outlook. 

Steps of setting up Yahoo account in Outlook 

  • First of all, go to the File Tab section and click on add account. 
  • Now enter the Yahoo mail username that you use followed by tapping on connect option. 
  • Moving on, now enter the password and select connect and you are done!
  • Save the changed and with this, your Yahoo account is successfully added in the Outlook account. 

And you are done! With the above-given steps, Yahoo accounts can easily be used on the Outlook platform. And if there is any doubt or query then contact the customer care team of Outlook. 

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