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A Complete Guide to How to recover Hotmail Account: Hotmail Account Recovery Process

Are you facing login problems in your Hotmail account? If yes, then you will get the relevant information on the same. Hotmail is one of the prominent and most used email services offering companies in the world since the early days of the Internet. With the help of Hotmail accounts, the users can send and receive emails in a very secure and instant way. The customer assistance team has presented effective approaches so that the user can recover Hotmail account in an easy manner. In spite of having secured and remarkable services, it is also prone to severe glitches by which the user sometimes gets annoyed but no worries we have several solutions for it. And, once you build your account on Hotmail, you can access all its genuine and user-friendly services. Now, you just need to follow the forthcoming steps described below to get rid of your issues with the Hotmail account.

  • Navigate to the official website of the Hotmail account: 
  • After that, tap the login button which is located at the top of the webpage.
  • Next, you need to select the username and then proceed further to click on forgot my password button.
  • Then, mention your respective email address and then fill in the correct captcha code.
  • Repeatedly, click on the Next button and then pick up either of the following recovery email addresses from the mentioned number of lists that email address and the mobile number.
  • If you have selected the alternative email address then choose a reset email that will be forwarded to your email account.
  • After that, click on the given recovery email and then tap the following link.
  • Now, you are supposed to enter a new password and confirm the new password by re-entering it.
  • If in case, you don’t have the access to an alternative email address then select the mobile number.
  • And then, an OTP will be directed to your associated mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP in the required field and then enter the new password and confirm the new password by re-entering it.
  • In the end, you need to click on the Save button in order to save it in a proper manner.

In this way, Hotmail account recovery is attainable and can be done in a smooth and successful manner. If you face a problem while using the Hotmail account, then you can take the assured and prompt assistance from the customer support team. We have a remarkable customer support service team which are well trained in their domain and have a number of technical expertise to resolve the problems in a brief span of time. In addition to this, you can even visit the help desk to sort all your problems in no time.

Obtain a complete solution to access my Hotmail account without Outlook:

Hotmail account is known as Microsoft account provides amazing features and services to manage Hotmail account in many ways. Microsoft has developed so many domains to access Hotmail account to MSN, Outlook, and Skype, live mail, and so on. If you are a user of a Microsoft device, you can simply understand the role of the Microsoft account and you can simply merge your device’s user ID and password to access your account soon.

If you are asking a question that how to access a Hotmail account without Outlook, you are required to know the best trick that would help you to get free Outlook email and calendars, plus office online apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that might be easily sign-in to access Hotmail account without entering the similar domain name of Microsoft account. Let’s see how it works.  

Following are the ways to access my Hotmail account without Outlook:

  • At first, visit the Hotmail account sign-in page and enter the Hotmail account and email address to access.
  • You can see the Phone, or Skype text box, in the email where you can type in the email address that you can use for your Hotmail account simply.
  • Click on the Next button and see the text box below and enter your password that use to access your Hotmail account.
  • Now select the sign-in button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task of access the Hotmail account without Outlook smoothly.

Thus, you can use the same email address and password to multiple Microsoft account domains to access Hotmail account without Outlook instantly. I want further help and solution regarding Hotmail account, you should feel relax to contact our tech support team that is available to help you at any time.

What are the required steps we can take if we are not able to log in to the Hotmail account?

Sometimes, the users face issues in their Hotmail account, like not being able to log in to the account. In this case, users can get frustrated and annoyed. For this, you can try some troubleshooting steps, and these steps will help you out to fix the issues. Let us go through the steps to log in to your account and continue with the work.

Troubleshooting steps: Why can not I log into my Hotmail account?

Internet connection:

The internet connection can be the issue that your Hotmail is not working. Poor connectivity can lead to issues in your Hotmail account, because of which you might not be able to log in to your account. You can close your mobile data and start it all over again. You can also opt for turning on the airplane mode and then close it.

Incorrect details:

There might be the possibility that you might be entering the incorrect address of the sender, and this might be preventing the emails from sending. So, you need to make sure that you have entered the correct details.

Outdated version:

If you are using the app of Hotmail, then it might be of the old version. The outdated version does not support the app and can create issues. So, you will have to update the app.

These are the troubleshooting steps you can take if you cannot log in to your Hotmail account. You can seek the help of customer support, and they will provide you with all the necessary details. They will help you out with all your issues.

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